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What is Plato’s allegory of the cave?
– Its platos story that’s telling us what our situation is as humans. (Picture of the cave) (he doesn’t think we’re very bright ppl) (theres differences in fire; bright, dime, flicker) (The person holding up the chair Is ppl who think they know better than humanity.) (Plato says all we see is flickering shadow. That is symbolizing the situation that the guy is in that’s chained to the wall.) (The person is gonna see a slightly different dog) (we don’t see truth very well and we are trapped. He doesn’t think humans have very much potential.) The person finally gets to the top and sees truth and either dies or explaods because he can’t handle it. He cant handle the truth. I finally know that the form of dog is. They think he has gone crazy so they kill him. When really, hes the wiser one and nobody believes him. The ppl that are chained u can’t educate them or do anything with them.
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