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1950s And 1960s African Sleeping Sickness Microbiology Microbiology For Health Sciences
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African Sleeping Sickness Long Term Disability Microbiology Parasitology
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African Sleeping Sickness Flagella And Cilia Fungi Microbiology
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African Sleeping Sickness Infectious Disease South And Central America
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African Sleeping Sickness Human Body Infectious Disease Microbiology Parasitology
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What are the causative agents of African sleeping sickness?
Trypanosome brucei gambiense and rhodesiense
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Which of the following parasitic infections can be diagnosed using a blood smearA) African sleeping sicknessB) toxoplasmosisC) malariaD) African sleeping sickness and malariaE) toxoplasmosis and malaria
D) African sleeping sickness and malaria
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Trypanosoma brucei (African Sleeping Sickness)
Spread by tsetse flies, enter bloodstream and outnumber RBCs, causing person to go into a coma and die due to lack of O2
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African sleeping sickness is transmitted by the tsetse fly.
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T. brucei โ€“ African Sleeping Sickness
Spread by tsetse flies; Two variants of disease caused by 2 subspecies: a) T.b. gambiense โ€“ Gambian strain; West Africa b)T.b. rhodesiense โ€“ Rhodesian strain; East Africa ; fly bite a inoculates skin with trypomastigotes a damages spleen, lymph nodes, and brain; Harbored by mammals ; Chronic disease symptoms are sleep disturbances, tremors, paralysis, and coma ; Trypanosomes are readily demonstrated in blood, spinal fluid, or lymph nodes ; Treatment before neurological involvement melarsoprol, eflornithine ; Control involves eliminating tsetse fly
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