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Acute Care Setting Electronic Medical Record Physical Therapist Assistant Physical Therapy Quantity And Quality Surgical Technology
1.4 Manual Therapy – Flashcards 72 terms
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Acute Care Setting Physical Therapy Range Of Motion Exercises
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Acute Care Setting Assessment And Evaluation Clinical Decision Support System Nursing Potential Health Problems Quality Patient Care
chapter 18 planing nursing care – Flashcards 160 terms
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Acute Care Setting Alternative Medicine Care For The Sick Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Nursing Prevention And Treatment Seeking Health Care
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Acute Care Setting Nursing Nursing Care Plan Nursing-LPN Potential Health Problems Range Of Motion Exercises Three Times A Day
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Acute Care Setting Key Performance Indicators Third Party Payers
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During the course of any given day of work in the acute care setting, the nurse may need to perform which of the following roles? Select all that apply.
• Communicator • Counselor • Teacher
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What are the responsibilities of a therapist in the acute care setting?
-Monitoring cranial nerve function -Monitoring Voluntary motor function -Monitoring reflexes
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what are the 2 applications of electronics in acute care settings?
mechanical ventilators and therapist-driven protocols
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An older adult in an acute care setting is experiencing emotional stress because of a recent surgery. Which intervention would be most appropriate for the client?
Reality orientation
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The primary organization responsible for setting patient care standards in the subacute care setting is ?
The Joint Commission -approximately 90-95% of health care organizations voluntarily subscribe to JC accreditation
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3 types of documentation in acute care setting
Evaluation Form -Goals, POC, HEP Progress Notes -Acknowledge Orders Education Form -Required by JAHCO
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When discussing the nursing process with a group of students, which of the following statements best describes it? A) Each step is independent of the others. B) It is ongoing and continuous. C) It is used primarily in acute care settings. D) It involves independent nursing actions.
-direct your nursing interventions toward maintaining the patient’s safety in all types of settings, health promotion and illness prevention measures should be implemented in the community setting, prevention is a priority in the acute care setting -health promotion: to promote an individual’s health, it’s necessary for the individual to be in a safe environment and practice a lifestyle that minimizes risk of injury; passive and active strategies aimed at health promotion-passive: public health and government legislative interventions (sanitation, clean water laws), active: those in which the individual is actively involved through changes in lifestyle (wearing seat belts, installing outdoor lighting) and participation in wellness programs -nurses participate in health promotion activities by supporting legislation, acting as positive role models and working in community based settings
Goals of Post-Stroke PT • Rehabilitation o Same as acute care setting and… (6)
o Patient-family centered goals (What types of activities are important to them) o Maximize functional status and independence o Discharge planning with the team o Equipment (DME, Durable medical equipment (w/c, gait assistive devices) • Orthotics • Splints, slings, gloves, etc.
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Examples of interventions in acute care setting
Bed Mobility – rolling, scooting, supine to sit, bridging EOB activity – sitting balance Standing – weightshifting, marching in place Transfers – stand pivot, lateral scoot, slide board, stand turn, dependant lift Gait – sidestep to head of bed, forward/backward Stairs
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