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Accountable Care Organizations Centralized Decision Making Force Field Analysis Medicare And Medicaid Services National Patient Safety Goals Nursing Patient Centered Medical Home Planning And Implementation
Kroger Pharmacy Technician Level 3 60 terms
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Patricia Harrah
60 terms
Accountable Care Organizations Advanced Pathophysiology Advanced Practice Nurses Long Term Care Insurance Managed Care Plan Nursing
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Kenneth McQuaid
68 terms
Accountable Care Organizations Hill Burton Act Human Capital Theory Level The Playing Field Low Income Families Primary Care Providers Public Economics Shorter Life Expectancy
Public Economics UF Final (Francisco Mora) 137 terms
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Josephine Mack
137 terms
Accountable Care Organizations Care For The Sick Child And Adolescent Federal Emergency Relief Act Late 20th Century Long Term Care Public Health Terminally Ill Patients
US Health Care Chapter 9 12 terms
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Paula Corcoran
12 terms
Accountable Care Organization Accountable Care Organizations Acute Care Hospital Clinical Electronic Health Record Health Computing
EOC CH 1 12 terms
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Lucas Davies
12 terms
Description of Accountable Care Organizations (ACAs)
Groups of providers who care for a wide variety of health needs of a defined patient population
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Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are built on the premise that:
groups of providers come together and take responsibility for delivering care to a defined patient population.
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accountable care organizations (ACO)
an organization of healthcare providers accountable for the quality, cost, and overall care of Medicare beneficiaries who are assigned and enroleld in the traditional fee for service program
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