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Accountable Care Organization Insurance Managed Care Plans Medical Law And Ethics
law and ethic 64 terms
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Accountable Care Organization Continuity Of Care Past And Future Personal Health Record Training And Support
Epic Modules 56 terms
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Accountable Care Organization Industrial Organization International Marketing Marketing Principles Of Marketing Sports Marketing
health marketing 108 terms
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Accountable Care Organization Collect And Analyze Data Federal Poverty Level High Deductible Health Plan Information And Technology Nursing Quality Patient Care Root Cause Analysis
Nursing 860: Health Operations & Financial Management for Nurse Leaders 60 terms
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Accountable Care Organization Evaluation And Management Medicare And Medicaid Services
Integrated Electronic Health Records Chapter 6 44 terms
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Accountable Care Organization Accountable Care Organizations Acute Care Hospital Clinical Electronic Health Record Health Computing
EOC CH 1 12 terms
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Accountable Care Organization Health Assessment Nursing Single Payer System
Health Care Mgmnt 15 terms
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14. In the Accountable Care Organization, the system is responsible for:
C. All the medical needs
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Accountable care organization (ACO)
are made up of several types of organizations that deliver care: hospitals, primary care settings, and specialty care of practices. Together, the organization in an ACO come together to deliver the most efficient and high-quality care for the population served; only one bill is generated that covers all care delivered across the various settings
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