Test 3-A – Chemistry Flashcard

What is the general formula for a carbohydrate?
(CH2O)n or C-2 H-2n O-n
What is the definition of an alsose?
A monosaccharide containing an aldehyde group.
What is C-5 H-10 O-5?
What is C-3 H-6 O-3?
How is amylose made?
Unbranched chains,
alpha D-Glucose,
alpha 1,4 glycosidic bonds
Describe Amylopectin.
Branched chains, alpha 1,4 glycosidic bonds at bronch points, New chains start by alpha 1.6 glycosidic bonds
Describe glycogen.
Branched every 10-12 units,
alpha 1,4 and alpha 1,6 glycosidic bonds
short term energy reserve
animal starch
Describe Cellulose.
Linear polysaccharide, Beta D glucose units joined by beta 1.4 glycosidic bonds
2,200 glucose units per molecule
insoluble in water
What is amylose made from?
alpha D glucose
What is linkage in Amylose?
Linkage is alpha 1,4 glycosidic bonds
Is Amylose a reducing sugar?
What type of linkage is in Amylopectin?
Alpha 1,4 and alpha 1,6 glycosidic bonds
What is amylopectin made from?
Alpha d-Glucose
Is amylopectin a reducing sugar?
What are the linkages in Glycogen?
Linkage is alpha 1,4 and alpha 1,6 glycosidic bonds
Is glycogen a reducing sugar?
What is glycogen made from?
alpha D-glucose
What is cellulose made from?
Beta D-Glucose
Is cellulose a reducing sugar?
What linkage is in cellulose?
Linkage is bets 1,4 glycosidic bonds
What is the difference between furan and pyran?
Furan is a 5 membered ring
Pyran is a 6 membered ring
What is a reducing sugar?
Carbohydrates that are oxidized to aldonic acids are reducing sugars
What do aldyhydes reduce to?
Carboxylic acids
When can a ketose be a reducing sugar?
When there is a ketone on Carbon2
Alcohol on Carbon 1
What is the definition of Uronic Acid?
Enzyme catalyzed oxidation of primary alcohol at c-6 of Hexonse yields Uronic acid

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