Test 1 MAP

Every time a patient is treated by a provider, a record is made of the encounter. The record is known as
Which of these are private, secured, electronic files that are created and owned by the patient
Personal health records
Which type of information would not likely be included in a personal health record
All are included
A practice management program is a software program that
All of the above
Which task is not performed by a practice management program
Records clinical data
Which of these computerized records that incorporates data from all providers that treats the patient over time
Electronic Health Records
Which of these are computerized records of ONE physicians encounters with a patient over time?
EMR- Electronic Medical Records
An encounter form is also known as
A super bill
Which of the following refers to procedure codes
Refers to diagnosis codes
The process of translating a description of a diagnosis or procedure code into a standard code
The physician’s opinion of the nature of the patient illness or injury
Who might assign diagnosis and procedure codes in a medical office
All are correct
Each charge or fee for visit or service is represented by a specific
Procedure code
What is a series of steps designed to determine if a claim should be paid
Which is not demographic information?
The document received by the provider explains the outcome of each claim filed for patients?
Remittance advice
Clinical information included all of the following except
Phone number
What is MediSoft?
practice management program
Which of the following types of data is not stored in MediSoft
General health care statistics
What is a collection of related bits if information
How many major types if data are stored on MediSoft
Most dates are entered in MediSoft as
Name to process of retrieving data from back up storage devices
Restoring data
What is a copy of data files made at a specific point in time known as
Back up data
Step 1
Preregister patients
Step 2
Establish financial responsibility
Step 3
Check in patients
Step 4
Check out patients
Step 5
Review coding compliance
Step 6
Check billing compliance
Step 7
Prepare and transmit claims
Step 8
Monitor payer adjudication
Step 9
Generate patient statements
Step 10
Follow up payments and collections
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