Test 1 Ch 1 Leadership

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Leadership is a complex phenomenon involving the leader, the followers, and the situation
The main reason for using the phrase “desirable opportunities” in a definition of leadership is to distinguish between leadership and management.
Some managers may be effective leaders without ever having taken a course or training program in leadership.
Knowledge of leadership research is a proven prerequisite for leadership effectiveness.
Good leadership is all about calculation, planning, and following a checklist.
The mere presence of a group can cause people to act differently than when they are alone
While leadership involves both rational and emotional sides of human experiences, aroused feelings cannot be used constructively.
Statements such as “Managers control; leaders inspire” represent a view that leaders and managers are fundamentally different kinds of people.
The most effective leaders focus exclusively on the rational consequences of their actions and ignore the emotions of followers
You only need common sense to be a good leader
Formal study and learning from experience are mutually exclusive in terms of developing leadership skills.
The study of leadership can help people develop perspectives to better learn from their experiences.
A widely respected leader chosen from within an organization tends to receive less latitude in a new leadership position than a newcomer because the well-known leader is expected to understand the needs of the organization.
Followers can provide leaders with relevant information for good solutions to be implemented since they are often at the level where many organizational problems occur.
Research indicates that men tend to view leadership as an exchange with subordinates for services rendered.
The primary advantage of reading leadership literature written in the troubadour tradition is the combination of valid research and practical advice.
Leaders tend to have more influence with in-group followers than with out-group followers.
When followers are involved in the selection of a leader, they tend to make fewer demands of the leader.
According to Robert Kelley, alienated followers frequently point out the negative aspects of an organization and are viewed by leaders as adversarial.
According to the glass cliff concept, when an organization’s performance is declining, a female candidate is more likely to be hired for an executive position than an equally qualified male candidate.
According to some leadership experts, leadership:
is an interpersonal relation in which others comply because they want to.
Which of the following best defines leadership?
The process of influencing an organized group toward accomplishing its goals
The interactional framework for analyzing leadership includes:
followers, leaders, and situations.
What is the reason behind the usage of the phrase “desirable opportunities” in one of the definitions of leadership?
To distinguish between leadership and tyranny
Which of the following is true of the leadership definitions
Various definitions illustrate that many factors affect leadership.
Which of the following statements about the rational and emotional aspects of leadership is most likely false
Effective leadership involves actions based exclusively on reason and logic.
Which term is most often associated with the word “management
Leadership is most associated with:
Which of the following is a conventional distinction that is made between managers and leaders?
Managers maintain, while leaders develop
Which of the following statements is true of leadership and management?
Leadership and management have both unique functions and an area of overlap.
Which statement about leaders and managers is most likely false?
leaders accept the status quo; managers challenge it.
Which of the following statements about common sense is most likely true?
A challenge of leadership is to know when common sense applies and when it does not.
Which of the following statement about leadership is most likely true?
Natural characteristics or talents can offer certain leadership advantages or disadvantages.
Which statement about in-groups and out-groups is most likely correct?


In-group members are loyal and committed to a leader.
What is Hollander’s approach to leadership called?
Which statement about followership styles is most likely true?


Pragmatist followers tend to be mediocre performers.
What best describes the leader-follower relationship?
Leadership and followership merge and are linked concepts.
Ideal followers are most likely to be perceived as:
In a complex situation, what is the leader’s most important role?
Increase levels of interaction and communication.
Schein’s classic study of sex roles:


demonstrated how bias in sex role stereotypes created problems for women moving up through managerial roles.

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