Terrorism in pakistan Essay

Terrorism in Pakistan has many causes and effects. The root causes are spiritual extremism. war in Afghanistan. poorness. societal inequality. and illiteracy. Some of the chief effects are bombardments. violent deaths. and blackwashs particularly of constabularies and military forces. harm to touristry. and a bad image to the state. Religious extremism is caused by Madrasas ( a school and inn attached to a mosque in which spiritual instruction is given ) . The effects of these are terrorist act. bombardments. and violent deaths. Here is an illustration of spiritual extremism. The terrorists of Lal Masjid wanted to do their ain Muslim Government and would non listen to anybody. So. a military operation was done by the Pakistan Army.

Many people were killed in the mosque. Poverty. illiteracy. societal inequality excessively are causes of terrorist act. All these have made the hapless of the northern countries unhappy with the authorities and other rich people. Because of this sadness. many hapless people have become terrorists. Pakistan is with America against the Taliban. The consequence of this is that the terrorists of Taliban have besides started assailing Pakistan. As a consequence of terrorist act. Pakistan has got a bad image and most of the aliens have stopped sing or have left this state. Therefore. in this awful clip we must hold good leaders in this state. The leaders we have do non command the state good plenty. To better the state of affairs. we need to acquire rid of these leaders who think of themselves more than the state and its people.

Pakistan has the most terrorists. ( kashmir. cyberspace )

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