Terrorism in Northern Ireland

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Throughout the course of history, from the beginning of time there has been war; from the small, such as the conflict in Northern Ireland, to the much larger World Wars. War can be started by people with bad intentions or by others who wish to put down evil. However is it ever justified?

To begin with it is an absolute certainty that many civilians will be killed and an even greater number injured. With troops attempting to occupy a country a certain amount of innocent civilians will be killed. But now in this hi-tech age with bomber planes and especially cruise missiles there is a much much higher risk of innocents being killed as bombs and missiles can miss their actual target by many miles.

Secondly is it right to fight back against terrorism starting a war yourself? Take America for example, their bombing of Afghanistan only proves to show that the Americans are hypocrites. They claim to be fighting against terrorism in the world but for years they have done nothing about the terrorism in Northern Ireland and even helped the terrorists.

Finally against war, what is all this conflict teaching our children? People say ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’

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but children do not listen to this, they look up to adults. They believe everything adults do is right, they DO and WILL continue to copy their parents and the other adults in their lives. However war is also confusing our children, they are told by their parents: ‘War is bad, don’t go to war.’ Yet here are there parents fighting a war! Our children are the youth of our nation, which means that one day they will be the leaders of our nation. What is going to happen to our country if children get the wrong ideas planted in their heads now?

On the other hand, we do have to consider that with some people such as Bin Laden and especially Hitler, no amount of patience, talks or politics will subdue their need to destroy With Hitler Appeasement failed. The Allies thought if they gave him back the territory they lost in the Treaty of Versailles, that he would settle down, but like Winston Churchill once said, ‘Dictators are like bullies, let them get away with it once and they will do it again and again’. The only option with people like that is to go to war, Is it not better to go to war than let someone conquer lesser military countries?

Also if the atrocities of September 11th 2001 went unpunished then all manner of rebels and dictators would believe they could attack country and get away with it. This cannot be allowed to happen. An example has to be made of Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban(who although they did not attack America they harboured the very criminal who did) to show everyone that future actions such as this will be dealt with properly and with full military force.

Furthermore there will always be war and fighting in the world. Why else would the U.K. alone have millions of men and women in the Armed Forces with thousands more from as young as 16 signing up each year? Every country in the world that has the money to run a full time Army, Navy and Air Force do so. So as never to be caught off guard.

Personally I would be very glad if there were no Armed Forces and that all the countries of the world were at peace with each other. Sadly this is not the case. There will always be some one with the audacity to think they can conquer simply a country or possibly the world. War is definitely necessary, but is it justified? My response to that is yes war is justified. Without it the world would surely fall into disaster. One country would attempt to raise an army in secret, another to build missiles, it would certainly happen and without other countries with Armed forces to stop them, I dread to think what could happen. Many many innocent people die in war, but in my opinion this is better than handing the world ver to those with the selfish hatred and cruel ambition to want it.

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