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FAA you can present to say your name, age, where you are and what you do answer ;l mol none Engel Gilchrest ;o soon ad new jersey ma soon NATO In Camilla 10 lavabo in version e students allow stats Ohio my name is Engel Gilchrest am from new jersey but was born In Jamaica work at Verizon and student at Ohio state Question 2 TTL place II cinema ;Tolland? Chill soon tool troll preferable? TTL place la music Italian?

Ache genre ODL music preference English you like Italian cinema? Who are your favorite actors? Like the Italian music? What kind of music do you prefer Answer no non mi piece IL cinema Italians solo SE II quo In Ingle II Reno attire preferred e Denned Washington no non ml place la music Italian ii preference hip-hop o r & b no I don’t like Italian cinema only if its in English my favorite actor is denned Washington no I don’t Like Italian music I prefer hip-hop or r&b come la taut Giordano tapioca What is your typical day

La aim Giordano Nazi allele novel del matting poi fare nun dyadic e Alabama I dentin tender festive poi I seminars classes conquer Giorgio Della statesman my typical day starts at nine in the morning take shower then brush my teeth I eat breakfast get dress then walk to class five days of the week question 4 coos it piece fare Nell tempo libber What do you like doing in your spare time Nell MIM tempo libber ii vivo a secures con I Mimi campaign did stanza guarder film e sport in my spare time I live to hang out with my roommates attach movies and sports Question 5 Poi describers la taut familial?

Come Can you describe your family? Who’d ho nun piccolo familial aim madder, Paso padre e IL foretelling Vivian in queen New York aim madder infirmaries MIM padre plumber MIM fraternal students did nun universityГ SST John I have a small family my mother, step father and little brother they live in queen new York my father is plumber my brother is student a SST John university question 6 it peaceable visitors literal? Coos it peaceable evader? See stats in Italian? Dove see stats?

Coos ha visit I would love to visit Italy? What would you like to see? Have you been to Italy? Where have you been? What did you see is, mi peaceable visitors Altair forever Venetian la CCITTГ coordinator dalliance’s yes I would like to visit Italy I would like to Venice the city surrounded by water Question 7 Asia Laotian both in Italian Question.

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