Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy

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  • Published: January 18, 2019
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Ted Bundy’s Trail of Terror From the Beginning of Taking Life Until The End of His

Serial killers tend to be white heterosexual males in their twenties and thirties. While it is impossible to predict who will become a serial killer there are traits that appear to be similar in all killers. These behaviors include cruelty to animals, bedwetting, lying, drug and alcohol abuse, and a history of violence. According to Robert Ressler et al.,

serial homicide involves the murder of separate of separate victims

with time breaks between victims, as minimal as two days to weeks or months. These

time breaks are referred to as a cooling off period. Because homicides involving multiple victims is gradually becoming more commonplace, and to facilitate an understanding of the aforementioned definition, it is helpful to differentiate serial murder from other types of

murder, such as mass murder, which involves,four or more victims killed within a short time span, and spree killings, which Ressler et al. defines as a series of sequential homicides connected to one event committed over a time period of hours to days and without a cooling off period.

Ted Bundy is one of the worst serial killers in history. His antisocial personality and psychotic character made him feared across the country. After all was said and done Ted left behind a trail of bloody slayings that included the deaths of 36 young women and spanned through four states. The biggest question in many people’s mind was how could someone as intelligent,highly accompli


shed, and praised as Bundy do such a thing?

Theodore Robert Bundy was born November 24th, 1946 in Burlinton, Vermont to a 21 year old mother. Ted’s mom never told him much about his father except that he was in the armed forces and they had only dated a few times. Ted was left in foster care for two months while his mom and parents decided what to do with him. In 1946 an illegitimate child was extremely looked down upon by society. Once they decided to keep Ted his grandparents told everyone he was their adopted son. Ted knew who his biological mom was, but outsiders were told that she was his sister.

Ted adored his grandfather. His grandfather was also particularly fond of Ted. He remembered camping and fishing trips he and his grandfather would go on. Other family members describe his grandfather as an ill-tempered tyrant. He was racist, intolerant, and a perfectionist. He expected everyone to meet his demands. His grandfather was also verbally abusive toward other family members and physically abusive toward his wife. He also physically mistreated animals including the family pet.

Ted’s grandmother suffered from depression. It got so bad that she was eventually treated with electroshock therapy. She also suffered from agoraphobia and never left the house.

When Ted was three years old, his Aunt, age 15, said she awoke to find him slipping butcher knives into the bed beside her under the covers. She told him to leave and took the knives back. She said no one in the family did anything about this. (Time Life)

The older Te

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got, it became more difficult to hide his family’s identity and his secret mother. With this his mother moved to Washington where she met and married John Bundy. At the time Ted was four years old. He was adopted by John and his new parents had four children together.

From the beginning Ted did well in school. His teachers complimented him on his good grades. But they also commented on Ted’s inability to control his violent temper. Friends recall Ted as one who would usually avoid fights, though when provoked could explode with frightening violence and anger. Ted was active in Boy Scouts and attended church regularly. He also held a part-time job and made excellent grades. Ted just dated once during high school and was described as shy.

It was around this time that Ted began sneaking out of the house and peeping into windows. He became a Peeping Tom. He occasionally disabled a woman’s car to make her more vulnerable, without actually doing anything to her(Time Life). He found these behaviors sexually arousing and masturbated while doing them. He also began shoplifting for expensive items and told his mom that they were gifts. He was picked up at least twice by juvenile authorities for suspicion of auto theft and burglary, but nothing came of it.

While Ted was on death row he once told an interviewer that he knew he was different from other people. He was quoted as having trouble knowing what appropriate social behaviors were. His own needs and desires were all that mattered. Ted recognized that he did not have remorse the way other kids did so he learned to mimic normal emotions.

Ted participated in many respectable behaviors that helped make it so unbelievable to accept his guiltiness. He caught a purse snatcher and was given a commendation from the police department. He also saved a drowning toddler once by diving into a lake after him. Ted also worked for a suicide prevention hotline talking others out of killing themselves. He also wrote rape-prevention books and became active in politics gaining the attention of very important, highly known people.

Ted worked many low paying jobs to pay for college. He was a busboy at a hotel, a messenger, and clerks at various stores. He left most jobs after only a few months. Some employers said he was a good worker while others gave him less than favorable comments.

It is likely that Ted killed his first victim while in his teens. A young schoolmate disappeared at this time. He is said to have begun his serial killings in his late twenties in 1974. However many people believe that he started earlier than this. He is said to be the suspect in numerous unsolved murders (Wellard).

In January of 1974, an 18 year old student was found unconscious in her bedroom. Ted had beaten her with a metal rod and then inserted it in her vagina. The woman survived but was in a coma for several months and had no memory of the event at all. A month later he abducted and killed a 21

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