Term Definition Context Translation into Spanish COLLOCATION SYNONYM
TECH-SAVVY /savi/ adjective Knowing a lot about computers. He's a tech-savvy boY. ES UN MAQUINA, ES UN FIERA DE LA TECNOLOGIA to be, to become, to transform o.s. into, to turn into to be 'In the know' regarding technology/ to be a beast
TECHNOPHOBE. noun "phobe" means fear, it makes you feel stressed and anxiousS.O who is afraid of technology. I used to be a technophobe. TECNOFOBIA to be, to become, to transform o.s. into, to turn into person fearful of technology
CUTTING-EDGE. noun & adjetive Very modern.It is in the lead of technology The new Mackbook is the cutting-edge of computer technology. TECNOLOGIA DE VANGUARDIA research, design, technology Leader, is at the forefront, leading edge, vanguard.
STATE-OF-THE-ART adjective The latest stage of technology iPad pro has come out, and this is state-of-the-art technology. ULTIMA GENERACION is, considered The most recent, the best, the latest, the newest
COMPACT adjective Easy to carry This includes a ultra-compact projector and a compact camera. PEQUENA, PORTATIL very, highly, ultra, super small, portable
USER-FRIENDLY adjective Easy to use IOS is told to be user-friendly. SENCILLO, FACIL DE USAR, INTUITIVO To be, to become easy, simple,
OUTDATED adjective Out of common usage in the present day My personal computer is outdated. ANTICUADO. to be, to turn, to become Very old, obsolete
GLITCH noun A defect, a problem, an error Updating this app will solve some glitches of the previous version.It must be a monitoring glitch.Oh no, it is not a glitch. PROBLEMA TECNICO. to solve, to have, to become, to discover, to find out, defect
GEEK noun (a term of pride as sello-reference, but sometimes considered offensive when used by outsiders. Matthew says I am a Language geek. FRIKI to be, to become, to transform o.s. into, to turn into, to look like overly intelectual, an expert
TECH-NECK noun wrinkles on your neck due to the permanent posture while using computers or iPads I can see you are a tech geek by your tech-neck. me lo dicen tus arrugas/ marcas en el cuello to get, to have person with a wrinkly neck
INDISPENSABLE adjective Sth you could not manga without The smart phone has become an indispensable device. INDISPENSABLE become, consider vital, crucial essential
INNOVATIVE adjective Using new methods or ideas Steve Jobs was an innovative CEO (Chief Executive Officer) INNOVADOR/DORA approach, design, idea inventive, original, ingenious
BREAKTHROUGH noun an important discovery that helps improve a situation or answer o question Scientists have made a big breakthrough in the search for a cure for cancer. avance, descubrimiento, progreso major, significant, important, scientific discovery, finding, leap
DEVICE noun An object or machine that has been made for a certain purpose. Apple makes various electronic devices. ,aparato, artefacto. recurso, labour-saving, useful, ingenious machine, appliance, gadget
PROGRESS Verb Movement to an improved or developed state The 20th Century saw rapid technological progress. progreso, avance, crecimiento considerable, dramatic, steady, litle development, improvement, growth
AFFECT verb To influence or cause a change in sth The internet has affected how we do business forever. INFLUENCIADO slightly, profound, increase, drastic alter, change, influence
INTUTITIVE Simple to use and understand Apple is successful because its products are so intuitive. INNATO extremely, highly, very innate
VIRAL To become very popular, very quickly on the internet. The blue dress picture was on every Facebook wall after it went viral. VIRAL gone, to go, went energetic, growing
BROWSE verb To look at and find information on the internet. Rather than go to the shops, I normally browse products on the internet. OJEAR /HOJEAR the internet, the web presue, look, through
SOCIAL-MEDIA noun Apps and websites that allow people to share content. Many people are now using social media to access news content. REDES SOCIALES Facebook, Twitter, Instagram media platforms
UP-TO-DATE adjective To be on track Are you up-to-date with your work? al dia, a punto, en orden To be, have sth up-to-date On track
GADGET noun A small mechanical aparatos or electronic device. Any ingenious device. Rachel built a gadget that could lock and unlcok her front door remotely. DISPOSITIVO, APARATO, ARTILUGIO mechanical, ingenious device, object, contraption, gizmo
WIRELESS adjective Using radio or microwaves, rather than wires to transmit information. Most computers now have wireless technology. INALAMBRICO technology, computers, networks. wifi
ONLINE noun Done by or connected to the internet Most business is now done online. EN LINEA. EN LA RED datebase, user, transaction networked, aires
PRIVACY noun A right to keep personal information secret. Many Facebook users have concerns about their privacy policy. PRIVACIDAD, CONFIDENCIALIDAD concerns, issue, policy, right to confidienciality
REVOLUTIONISE To complete change sth so that it is much better. There is no doubt that the internet has revolutionised our lives. TRANSFORMAR, REVOLUCIONAR completely, ulterly, the world, the way transform, recast
E-COMMERCE Buying and selling godos and services through the internet. These days many people use e?commerce rather than traditional shopping. COMERCIO ELECTRONICO, LAS COMPRAS POR INTERNET. eBay, iTunes, Amazon, Alibaba -mail, order, high street shops, malls,
TECHNOLOGY, noun TECHNOLOGICAL. adjetive It is a really general term which encompasses many things. For example: tools, machines, gadgets and devices, information which makes tasks easier to perfom and / or to improve our lives. This is a broad definition for technology. Technology has made our lives better. (No inicial "The", watch out) I saw a lecture on The Technology of Storytelling. ( here we are not talking generally) TECNOLOGIATECNOLOGICO to be, to become, to transform o.s. into, to turn into, has made.
TECHNOPHILE /fail/ noun "phile" comes from Greek and it means friend, love.S.o who loves technology. My friend is a real "technophile. TECNOFOBIA to be, to become, to transform o.s. into, to turn into person who really likes technology
OBSOLETE adjective /obsli:t/ No longer used. Not in used anymore, having been replaced by sth better. VHSs are obsolet, they are no longer used. OBSOLETO. become, make sth, render sth antiquated, archaic, outmoded
BULKY adjective not get in your pocket 1990 cellphone used to be bulky. ( like a walky talky) VOLUMINOSO, GRANDE, QUE ABULTA MUCHO. to be, to become, seems, used to be, to look like. Massive, clumsy, heavy,

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