Technology and human intelligence

In several important senses, our children’s informed use of calculators has increased their intelligence. First, the calculators have removed virtually all of the computational errors they once would have been likely to have made in their work. Just In terms of the answers they can produce, therefore, what was once a common source of error has been removed. Second, the use of calculators changes the way they think about mathematics-?and for the better. In the past, they would have had to devote substantial mental resources to the adequate implementation of mutational formulas.

Much of the time they would have spent doing mathematics would therefore have been spent in fairly mindless computations. Today those computations-?done by calculator-?take only a fraction of a second. The mental resources they once would have placed into computation can now be spent more productively on important mathematical operations-?figuring out what the problem is, visualizing how to represent the problem, formulating a strategy for solving the problem, and programming or performing the operations that will enable the locator to compute answers.

Third, the very act of using the calculator forces them to learning programming skills, which are Important for developing computer-based skills as well as for developing the kind of logical thinking one needs to succeed In disciplines Including but not limited to mathematics. With computers, typing mistakes can be corrected with the push of a button. Whole passages can be deleted, transformed, or moved from one place in a document to another in a fraction of the time it once took.

My own productivity has increased any times over as a result of my being able to use a computer-based word- processing program to do my writing, including the writing of this article. With word processors, students and other people can devote more time to thinking about the quality of their writing and less to the low-level mechanics of getting the writing done. If they make a typing error, they can correct It In seconds, thereby holding onto their train of thought. If they decide that a sentence doesn’t work, deleting It can be done In seconds rather than In the minutes It once took to make the erasures on a comment.

If they wish to move one or more paragraphs to improve the flow of their writing, they can do in seconds what once might easily have taken several hours to rewrite or retype a document. Word processors enable writers to concentrate on composition, on logic, and on being creative rather than on the low-level mechanics of producing a finished-looking document. Patience is a very precious virtue and its scarcity could deteriorate a person’s Will. Determination is a necessity that comes with patience and without it no individual can survive the hardships of life.

According to studies, tolerance in children Is vanishing quite Increasingly due to the Improper use of technology. For example, children get frustrated quickly when they surf Internet and the page they want to view takes time to load. Declining Writing Skills Due to the excessive usage of online chatting and shortcuts, the writing skills of relying more and more on digital communication that they have totally forgot about improving their writing skills. They don’t know the spelling of different words, how to use grammar properly or how to do cursive writing.

No one can deny the fact that the advancement of technology has produced a completely unique method of interaction and communication. Now, more and more people are interacting with others through different platforms like APS, role-playing online games, social networks, etc. This advancement has hampered the physical interaction skills of many children. Due to that they don’t know how to interact with others when they meet them in-person or what gesture they should carry. So what is the impact of technology on the developing child?

Children’s developing ensure, motor, and attachment systems have biologically not evolved to accommodate this sedentary, yet frenzied and chaotic nature of today’s technology. The impact of rapidly advancing technology on the developing child has seen an increase of physical, psychological and behavior disorders that the health and education systems are Just beginning to detect, much less understand. Child obesity and diabetes are now national epidemics in both Canada and the U. S. , causally related to technology overuse.

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