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Term Definition
Browser A program such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer that allows you to access the internet
Caps Lock A key on your keyboard that makes all letters that you type show up in your text as capital letters. Must hit the caps lock key again to turn it off.
Clip Art Art/Images that you can use to insert into your documents
Cursor The representation on your screen of where your mouse or track pad is coordinated (pointing to)
Desktop The initial screen on your computer that you use to access other programs. What you see when you first start up your computer.
Drop Down Menu When you hover over a menu option, you get a list of options under it to choose from, kind of like a table of contents
Active Window If you have multiple windows or tabs open, the active one is the one that you are looking at. If you only have one tab open, it's that tab/window
Folder A place to keep similar files together
Font The shape or style of the text. ie: Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri
Footer An area at the bottom of document that you can use to put info besides the body of the document – ie: page number, chapter name
Format How you have an item laid out or arranged, ie: with multiple columns or just one column.
GIF A short clip of moving images – usually a clip from a tv show or movie
Handles If you are inserting an image or a table, the handles are the small blue bars or boxes you grab to adjust the size, direction, placement, etc
Header An area at the top of a document that you can use to put info- ie the title, the author. This is separate from the body of the document
Hour Glass/Spinner An icon that lets you know the computer is working and you just have to wait. You can take no action, make no changes until it's gone.
Hyperlink Links you can click on to go to another website or another page to get additional info
Icon A symbol for a website or program – ie: the Google Chrome Beach Ball
JPG or JPEG or PNG Files of an image
Left Click How you usually click on an option
Right Click Click with the right side of the mouse for additional options, info, get a drop down menu, etc
Mouse Over or Hover A way of getting the drop down menu to show itself, you put the cursor over an option but don't click – the drop down menu shows up
Netiquette Etiquette is being well mannered and behaved – Netiquette is being polite and respectful online.
Pixel A tiny area of illumination on a screen – it takes many pixels together to create an image
Protocol The accepted or understood/agreed upon sequence of steps to do something
Scroll Bar The bar, usually along the side of the display, that you can grab and use to manipulate the screen – scroll down or up with it.
Search Engine A website that has the means to allow you to search other websites by searching for given words/terms. Ie: Google, Bing, Alta Vista, Yahoo, GoodSearch
Shortcut A way to do a task that doesn't appear on the display. ie: Command + C to copy
Task Bar A bar on the edge of a display to help you get to favorite applications
Thumbnail A small image to help you navigate different choices
Tool Bar A selection of choices you can use to change your document
Transition A change from one "slide" to the next – moving to the next image
Toggle To go from an active window to another window and back and forth. ie: you are reading on Wikipedia and listening to music on YouTube and your song is over and you toggle over to YouTube to find a new song

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