T&D Study Guide #2

Which of the following method of needs assessment is inexpensive and allows the collection of data from a large number of persons?
_________ involves determining whether performance deficiencies result from lack of knowledge or skills.
Person Analysis
Which of the following is considered as cognitive ability?
Quantitative ability
________ refers to the process of a company using information about other companies’ training practices.
Employees’ self-efficacy level can be increased by:
Showing them the training success of their peers who are now in similar jobs
In which of the following instances is training required for employees
Employees lack the knowledge and skill to perform a job, but the other factors are satisfactory.
Which of the following statements is true about age and generation in the context of training?
Gen Xers dislike close supervision
________ relates to the learner’s decision regarding what information to attend to, how to remember, and how to solve problems
Cognitive strategy
Which one of the following is true of task analysis
It involves gathering and summarizing data from many different persons in the company
Which of the following examples best reflects attitude as a learning outcome?
Choose to respond to all incoming mail within 24 hours
Which of the following statements is true of training?
It is important to realize that for training to be effective, both learning and transfer of training are needed.
Logical verification to increase self-efficacy typically involves:
Perceiving a relationship between a new task and a task already mastered
Behavior modification is a training method that is primarily based on _______.
Reinforcement theory
Which of the following types of learning outcome is reflected through the ability to design and code a computer program that meets customer requirements?
Intellectual Skills
According to the ______ theory, models’ behavior or skill that is rewarded is adopted by an observer.
Social Learning
Kenneth, an operations manager has been assigned to train a group of older employees in the logistics department. He has to train them to use the new computer software, which was installed recently. He does so by reminding them that they were quick in learning to use the previous software. Kenneth is typically trying to ________.
Increase the employee’s self-efficacy
According to the _______, transfer will be maximized to the degree that the tasks, materials, equipment, and other characteristics of the learning environment are similar to those encountered in the work environment.
Theory of identical elements
Which of the following statements is true of closed skills?
They refer to training objectives that are linked to learning specific skill that are to be identically produced by the trainee on their job
Which of the following statements is true of organizing as a learning strategy?
It requires the learner to find similarities and themes in the training material.
The learning cycle for a trainee begins with a(n) ______.
Concrete experiences
_________ refers to individual control over one’s thinking
________ refers to the learner’s involvement with the training material and assessing their progress toward learning
Learner-learner interaction is most appropriate when learners have to:
Acquire personal knowledge based on experience.
Which of the following is a disadvantage of communities of practice (COPs)?
Employees are reluctant to participate without an incentive and fear sharing their knowledge with others
The program design process for training typically begins with:
Preparing a concept map and curriculum road map to facilitate learning
Which of the following statements is true of traditionalists?
The value direct presentation of information that is organized logically.
___________ review sessions are meetings between a manager and employee, during which the strengths and weaknesses of the employee’s performance are discusses and improvement goals agreed upon.
Performance appraisal
Which of the following statements is true of lesson plans?
They ensure that both the trainee and the trainer are aware of the course and program objectives
A lesson plan overview matches major activities of a training program and ________.
Specific times or time intervals
A request for proposal (RFP) is a document mainly used to identify:
Potential vendors and consultants for training services
Which of the following statements is true of near transfer?
In near transfer, trainees should be encouraged to focus only on important differences between training tasks and work tasks rather than unimportant differences.
In training, the greatest level of support that a manager can provide is to:
Participate in training as an instructor
A(n) ________ is a written document that includes the steps that a trainee and manager will take to ensure that training transfers to the job
Action Plan
Low levels of opportunity to perform indicate that:
Training content is not important for the employee’s job
Explicit Knowledge:
Can be managed by a knowledge management system.
Which of the following is a major aid in communicating tacit knowledge?
Which of the following is a major cause for loss of explicit and tacit knowledge?
Older employees retiring
Which of the following statements is true of knowledge management?
Creating communities of practice and suing “after-action reviews” at the end of each project facilities knowledge management
Effective knowledge sharing is facilitated when employees:
Have easy access to information within the context of their jobs
A(n) ______ is an example of tacit knowledge
Employee’s work background
Which of the following steps of the training design process involves person and task analysis?
Conducting needs assessment
Which of the following training programs is mandated by law?
Safety training necessary to ensure a safe work environment
_______ capital refers to the sum of the attributes, life experiences, knowledge, inventiveness, energy, and enthusiasm that the company’s employees invest in their work
The strategic training and development process begins with:
Identify the business strategy
A SWOT analysis is typically conducted in the ____ step of the strategic t&d process
Business strategy formulation and identification
Which of the following statements is true of the instructional System Design (ISD) model?
In practice, the model rarely follows a near and precise step-by-step sequences of activities
An organization’s ______ answers the questions “who are we and what is it that we do?”
Which of the following is true with regard to SWOT analysis?
A SWOT analysis provides a company the information needed to generate several alternative business
Business-level outcomes chosen to measure the overall value of training or learning initiatives are refereed to as _____.
Which of the following is true of centralized training?
Centralized training function helps drive stronger alignment with business strategy
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