TB (test 3)

Question Answer
How does tb spread Airborne droplets
Factors that effect transmission Number of organismsConcentration of organismsLength of time of exposureStatus of immune system
Clinical manifestations of early-stage active tb Low grade feverCoughNight sweats FatigueWeight lossHemoptysis
Diagnostics for tb PPD or QFT-GChest X-raySputum smear and culture
Zero to four mm induration for PPD is Negative
Greater then five mm induration do ppd is Positive for people with HIVRecent contact with infectionCXR consistent with TB
Greater then ten mm for ppd induration is Positive forPast exposure Vaccination with BCG
Greater then fifteen mm induration is Positive for Everyone
BCG Bacilli Calmette-Gudrun VacineLive vaccineNot recommended in the us Can give false positive PPD Given to infants in TB prevalent areas
Treatment of Tb (5 drugs) Isoniazid (INH)Rifampin (Rifadin)Pyrazinamide (pza)Ethambutol (myambutol)Vitamin b6
Latent TB presentation Not Ia??llNormal chest X-rayNegative sputum smearPositive skin test
Latent TB treatment INH for 3-9 months

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