TAMID Interview

In your opinion, what are the most important contributing factors to Israel’s economic success?
• An entrepenueral environment
o Education (sciences and active learning)
o Governmental funding as a form of venture capitalists (85% of startup funding is from the government)
o Safe place for risk-taking
o Emphasis on Research and Development
Describe your profession and academic passions and why the compel you to apply to TAMID Group at USC?
TAMID gives me the opportunity to invest with other USC students
Learn about an emerging market
Difference between learning to invest with my grandfather and with USC investors
Trojan Investing Society
What makes a start-up company successful?
1. A good entrepreneur/leader backed by a good team
2. A product/service in which members of the team believe in
3. Clear, focused vision
4. Good money management
5. Planning and being able to schedule and achieve goals timely
Describe a time when you accomplished something in a team. What did you learn from this experience?
Trust and the ability to engage in and handle conflict
I learned that collaboration and continuity (intangibles) were just as important as the idea and work itself (tangibles)
Have everyone know their role and feel valued
What publicly-traded stock should TAMID invest in right now and why?
Newmont Mining Corp. (NEM)
Mining Company Headquartered in Colorado, US
Subsidiary United States, Australia, Peru, Indonesia, Ghana, and Suriname
Get in around $39.90
Out performer over the past 50 days
Reversal in the trend
Above 200 day moving average
Oil Lower and FED raising September rates
Sovereign bonds aren’t as safe or profitable as they used to be

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