Talent: Learning and Good Sports Person

Length: 270 words

Talent is uncommon ability among special people, and mostly related to athlete and musician. Moreover, someone claims that it is innate while others say it can be learned. In my opinion, the success of each individual person is the combination of the heredity factor and continuous practicing. It can be denied that talent can be taught, especially about sport and music. As the result of modern development, children are able to become a good sporty person or a musician. If they have a plenty of training institutes and skill development programs, this task seems to be easily achieved.

For instance, swimming training institutes are available to those who desire to be a swimming champion or music institutes are to form a band. In a word, the advanced technologies is the best tool to teach children who are interested in these field. On the other hand, some people are born with certain talents. They tend to pose the smart characteristics like able to think and understand in a shorter time. Furthermore, these people can do well in their field and their performance is always highly remarkable.

Especially, even though the normal person can learn the basic skill, they are still unable to win the talent person. For example, Eto’o-a professional football player can predict accurately the goal keeper movement and then shoot the ball into unpredictable spot. Overall, I think both views are correct that some people are particularly talented while others are not. In addition, virtually anyone can achieve a modicum success with hard work and concentration. However, the combination of a talent and practice will be a great mix.

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