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A chilly morning indeed it was, the wind briskly swept through the forest causing the leaves to bend gently to let it pass. On the bridge stood a man, motionless, as if cast out of stone, he looked down into the waters that violently smashed upon the rocky banks, several feet below. The wrists of […]

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Arab Female Writers

Everyone in the world has a free will if they have the determination to fulfill anything either in writing or in literary works. This paper majors on the Arab female writers and the variety of techniques and styles used in their writing. It also draws comparisons between the earlier ages Arab female writers and the […]

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Angel in the House Virgina Woolf

Virginia Woolf was an English author. She was a feminist, publisher, essayist and critic. Woolf commonly acquired female authors Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. Woolf analyses women and their struggles as artists, their position in literary history and need for independence in her works of literature. Woolf’s short story “Angel in the House” has a […]

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Manning and Vowell

Manning and Vowell are two children, and writers, who approach their relationships with their respective fathers with different styles and intensity. Somehow their unique experiences with their father reflect their own personalities and that in turn seeped into the style in which they write in. Each author described reconciliation with a facet of their relationship […]

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Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Franklin

Both Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Franklin are major and important American writers. A vast number of people were influenced by their writings. They illustrated early American themes in their personal points of view. Although they lived in similar times during the early development of America, they mostly wrote for different purposes. However, a reader can […]

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Comparison Between Male and Female Writers

Writings during the post-Civil War period describe the New World or America as a place of prejudice and discrimination for the Black Americans. It was in this period when blacks really experienced an intense racial discrimination from the whites.

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