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Writer NameSupervisor Name Subject Date Howard’s End Howard’s End (1910) is a novel by E.M. Forster. It deals with an English country house called Howard’s End, and its influence on the lives of the idealistic and intellectual Schlegel sisters, the wealthy and materialistic Wilcox family, and the poor bank clerk Leonard Bast. A recurrent theme […]

Thomas Clayton Wolfe

Thomas Clayton Wolfe (3 Oct. 1900-15 Sept. 1938), novelist and short story writer, was born in Asheville, the eighth child of William Oliver, a stonecutter from Pennsylvania, and Julia Elizabeth Westall Wolfe, a native North Carolinian. In 1904 he went with his mother and some of the other children to St. Louis, where his mother […]


Your Claim Nowadays, many people are engaged in presenting factual events, opinions, features, and other topics which suites the taste of the public. These are usually written, visual, or audio materials Intended for dissemination through public media. This is what we commonly call as, Journalism. A widespread issue with regards to this field has been […]

Malcolm X – 759 words – College Essay

1. What details of the events has each writer selected to focus on? Each writer selected to focus on the person that Malcolm X was overall. I believe that they put so much emphasis on the events that took place up until his assassination to show how Important he was. Each person meant what his […]

Stephen Toulmin

Stephen Toulmin (1922-2009) was a British writer, author and philosopher. He was known for developing the Model of Argument and writing the most interesting books such as the Cosmopolis: The Hidden Agenda of Modernity (1990) and Human Understanding: The Collective Use and Evolution of Concepts (1972). As a student of critical thinking we need to […]

Carol Berkin

Carol Berkin is an energetic female writer to be reckoned with in the world of literature today. She has a lot of works to her credit. Berkin is a Professor of History at Baruch College and The City University of New York Graduate Center. One interesting thing about this great woman is that she is […]

Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce, Frederick Douglass, and Kate Chopin

Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce, Frederick Douglass, and Kate Chopin are all South American writers, who demonstrate themes about realism, slavery, and racism. In order to convey their themes efficiently, they use literary and rhetorical techniques to make their stories veracious. Among three authors, Bierce and Chopin share literary tools, such as simile and foreshadowing. In An […]

Anita Desai

Apologies in case there’s some overlapping between the two elements. I wrote it as a flowing piece – a profile-cum-interview – for Business Standard Weekend but since there isn’t a word-constraint here I prefer to spread it out and play with the format. ] Long before the publication of Midnight’s Children brought alive new possibilities […]

Personal power through self-image

Personal power – How do people achieve this? Where does it originate? Is it something innate in every one of us or is it something that is acquired? These are some of the questions that are answered by the stories of Paula Gunn Allen in Where I Come From is Like This. Allen is an […]

Dr Seuss – College Essay

Millions of children all over the world have literally grown up on Dr. Seuss. One will be hard pressed to find a child who does not remember any of the great books of Dr. Seuss such as Green Eggs and Ham. The colorful pictures and comical depictions have delighted both children and adults alike for […]

George Eliot

George Eliot is known as an exceptional writer now and of her time. George Eliot is not what most people think of her, when they hear the name George Eliot; most think that she is a he but the case is that George Eliot used the name as a pen name, because back in her […]

Orhan Pamuk

Orhan Pamuk is the most famous Turkish writer and one of the leading authors of intellectual prose of Europe. A participant of several juicy political scandals and an exile, Orhan Pamuk, in the novel Snow brings up one of the most painful for his motherland question: the place of Turkey between the West and East. […]

Critique of David Crystal Texting

David Crystal is the foremost writer and lecturer on the English language, with a worldwide reputation and over 100 books to his name. on July 15,2008, Crystal wrote an article headed “2B or not 2B” criticizing another article by John Humphrys named “I h8 txt msgs: How texting is wrecking our language. ” In Crystal’s […]

Zahir Raihan

Mohammad Zahirullah also known as Zahir Raihan was a Bangladeshi novelist, writer and filmmaker. He still dominates our memory because of his documentary “Stop Genocide” made during the Bangladesh Liberation War. Zahir Raihan was born on 19 August 1935, in the village Majupur, at Feni. His father was a professor of Calcutta Alia Madrasha. After […]

Expatriate American Writer

In its broadest sense, an expatriate is any person living in a different country from where he or she is a citizen. In common usage, the term is often used in the context of professionals sent abroad by their companies, as opposed to locally hired staff. The differentiation found in common usage usually comes down […]

Progressive Politics of Dr Seuss

Dr. Seuss is a staple of many people’s childhood. He is the most popular children’s book writer, even 2 decades after his death. His rhymes and quirky characters make his stories lovable and impossible to forget. But there are more to his silly stories than just crazy characters with a lesson to learn. Throughout his […]

Rabindranath Tagore

Spiritual, portraitist and Nobel Prize for literature, Rabindranath Tagore was a prolific writer (3,000 poems, 2,000 songs, 8 novels, 40 volumes of essays and short stories, 50 plays), who drew inspiration both from his native Bengal and from English literary tradition. His major theme was humanity’s search for God and truth. He was awarded the […]

John Steinbeck: How his Life Influence his Writings

John Ernst Steinbeck, known mostly as John Steinbeck, is a decorated writer who was accorded with many different awards in praise of his works as a writer. His most notable award was the 1962 Nobel Prize for Literature, which Steinbeck believes he does not deserve (Reef 136). Steinbeck was a talented writer who has a […]

Joanne Rowling

The author, J. K. Rowling, is most well known for her ability to write creative and intriguing story lines through her best selling Harry Potter series. She has been writing for many years and truly knows what the term “starving author” means as she was actually on welfare when she sold her first book of […]

Sexuality and Morality in Samuel Richardson’s Novel Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded

Samuel Richardson is a 18th century writer, famous for his three novels: Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded, Clarissa, or The History of a Young Lady and The History of Sir Charles Grandison. For the most of his life Richardson was an established printer and publisher. He wrote his first novel Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded thanks to […]

No witchcraft for sale

Doris May Lessing (22. 10. 1919-17. 11. 2013. ) She was a British writer, born in Iran. In 1925 the family moved to a farm in the British colony area of Africa. In the story “No witchcraft for sale” Lessing tells about a relationship between the Farquars, a Christian family and their servant Gideon, in […]

African Writer’s Representation of the Male-Female Relationships

African writer’s have many views on the past and current male-female relationship in the African American community. Most agree black woman are strong figures in the family and the community. There are some who think that is a past strength and others who feel it still exists. Some feel the male is the stronger of […]

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