A place of Hindu worship

(a ii) In the Mandir the most important person is the priest who is also the leader of that Mandir. The priest and his helpers are there to conduct the worship because only they can enter the holiest part of the temple, which is the shrine. The priest takes the gifts that people have brought […]

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The Masjid is the place of Muslim worship

In order to describe the main features of a mosque I will use the example of Birmgham’s Green Lane Masjid. Many mosques have the similar architectural style. The buildings are all different but they all include a minaret and have a large dome. In the time of the prophet (saw) the Adhan (call to prayer) […]

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Work is worship worship is not work

Abstract: Work means action which involves effort and exertion; It is the essence of life. No action means no life. Worship means giving reverence to some power. All enjoyment, all achievement and all progress come from this magic word ‘work’. It is the primary thing around which whole life revolves. It also means the realization […]

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