Third World History

When someone mentions the state of Africa the first thoughts that enter your mind is poverty, poor government structure, and hungry people. But that has not always been the case. This was a rich, resourceful and beautiful country. The picture of pre-colonial Africa is much different than our ideals of it today. We see it […]

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World History: Prologue and Chapter 4 Test

Prince Henry -“The Navigator” -founded a Portuguese sailing school -organized voyages down Africa’s Western coast Bartolomeu Dias Portuguese captain who explored the southern coast of Africa Vasco de Gama Portuguese explorer who started exploring the east African coast (1947)Kin and eventually reached Calicut on the southwestern coast of India; gave Portugal a direct sea route […]

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Ap world history ch. 22

Asian sea trading network Prior to intervention of Europeans, consisted of three zones: Arab zone based on glass, carpet, and tapestries; India based on cotton textiles; China based on paper, porcelain, and silks. Ormuz Portuguese factory or fortified trade town located at southern end of the Persian Gulf; site for forcible entry into Asian sea […]

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World history ch.1

A religious group that has broken away from an established church Sect Who wrote a guide for rulers on how to gain and keep power Niccolò Machiavelli A government run by religious leaders Theocracy Who proposed a heliocentric model of the universe Nicolaus Copernicus An artist who made sketches of flying machines centuries before the […]

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World History H Final Exam Cards Chapters 1-3

Paleolithic ‘Old Stone Age’, refers to a period of time when humans depended on hunting and gathering- made up 95% of human history technology Limited _____ available for these peoples, only had stone tools-> bronze age = revolution Neolithic Revolution A gradual transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture. okia, flourished around 1100 c.e. Thus […]

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AP World History Princeton Review 1450-1750

Absolute Monarch ruler with complete control over the government and the lives of the people. Agrarian concerning farms, farmers, or the use of land Atheists People who believe that no God exists. Came about in relatively large numbers during the Scientific Revolution. Capitalism an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means […]

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BIG MAMA Online World History A Final Review Part 1

Africa Scientists believe that humanlike beings known as hominids migrated to other parts of the world from which initial location? archaeologist Which of the following is a scientist that works to uncover artifacts, physically unearthing these objects and the remains of people who created them? Homo sapiens Which early humanlike being had the largest brain […]

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AP World History Ch. 10 Learning Curve (Extra)

What is Coptic Christianity? Distinctive early Christian tradition that established itself in Egypt After the fall of Constantinople what city was declared the “third Rome” by some of its church leaders? Moscow Which Germanic king overthrew the last Roman emperor in 476 C.E., bringing to its end the Roman Empire in the West? Odoacer Which […]

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AP World History 3.1

Absolute Monarchy Rule by a king or queen whose power is not limited by a constitution Boyars Russian nobility Cossacks Russians who conquered and settled Siberia in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Criollos A term used in colonial Spanish America to describe a person born in the Americas of European parents Devshirme A practice of […]

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An Eternal Legacy – Chrisianity in World History up to the 16th Century

Human history, seen in ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, Byzantine and countless others, is a treasure trove of inventions, innovations and ideologies. The Roman Empire, the largest, most influential and most powerful civilization of the ancient world produced many legacies that have changed our modern society forever. It is not surprising then, that […]

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