The Roles of Women in Literary Works

The roles of women in the society have for centuries been defined by the stereotypes created and long sustained by men. Women have resolved to diverse tactics of dealing with their predicament, a phenomenon that the two short stories (A Rose for Emily and The Story of an Hour) explore. The two short stories provide […]

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Depiction of Gender Inequality in Literary Works

Introduction It goes without saying that writers wrote the majority of literary works under the influence of their environment. This includes their communities and the activities they were participating in. Others were motivated by the political affairs that were the most prevalent at that time. The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin and The […]

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An Analytical Understanding of the Works of Frost and Bishop

Life’s challenges come every day. It could not be denied that these challenges are the ones that makes up a person and allows one to become the best of what he could be. Likely, this is the reason why it is important to realize that these particular events in life are simply the stepping stones […]

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Works Cited

I was a newly arrived computer programmer when I was challenged at my former firm, which is a manufacturer of designer machines. I was tasked to establish a company intern picture database across all of the firm European offices.

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Do Stereotypes Sell?

From reviewing several television commercials aimed at diverse audiences, it appears that the advertising appeal represented on various networks were, for the most part, gender-neutral.  By understanding market segmentation, it is interesting to see that gender seems less of a target for most luxury items.

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