Analysis of “Act Without Words”

The man in the play Act without Words has to reflect on how to respond to all that is happening around him. This character is being used to reflect to the audience the manner in which one has to think through first encounter with unfamiliar and hostile environment. The man is unfamiliar to the hostile […]

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My Life in Words

Roger Housden (2004), in his book ‘Ten Poems to Last a Lifetime’, lists and comments on the poems that created such impacts on his life that they remain indelibly etched in his soul. The first surprise is that, contrary to the title, eleven books are listed instead of ten. The question arises as to why […]

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An Easier Way with Words

Words can sometimes be difficult to define because they can take any meaning at different times, in different situations with different groups of people. It has also been said that meanings are not in words but in people. And people, like me, can have different interpretations and misconceptions of different words such as love, chastity, […]

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America the Beautiful in the Words of John F Kennedy

As Lyndon B Johnson once put it, “he enhanced respect, in ourselves and in each other, for individual excellence, and he heightened our determination to elevate the quality of American life” (qtd. in Kennedy 9).  So it is only fitting that John F. Kennedy author the book titled America the Beautiful.

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