Windows Server Networking

Three important points about Active Directory ? How do they affect Windows Networking? Active Directory entails the creation of access potential of data on a network through utilization of a hierarchical system or structure that essentially formulates leaf nodes. In addition, an Active Directory system enables millions of objects being stored in system to be […]

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Active Directory Implementation Plan

Active Directory was developed by Microsoft to provide a variety of network services. Active directory was designed to store information in a central location. It is capable of handling everything from small to large Windows Networks. It provides for centralized management of the entire network. This allows for unified security and simplified location and use […]

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 Lab Assessment Questions & Answers

1. Define why change control management is relevant to security operations in an organization. Change control is a precision arrangement of managing every change made to a system. This is to ensure that no unneeded changes are done, that every change is documented, and that no service is disrupted unless absolutely necessary, and that all […]

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