Feasibility analysis for, WI-FI wireless technology

Aim- To evaluate and compare WI-FI wireless technology with other wireless technology on the basis of reliability, flexibility, interoperability, cost, security and implementation for operational IS/IT change management in order to enhance efficiency and efficacy. Objectives- > To carry out in-depth analysis of literature and statistics available, pertaining to wireless technologies, in order to obtain […]

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WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy. WEP is part of the IEEE 802.11 wireless networking standard. WEP is a security protocol that encrypts transmitted data in a wireless network. WEP was an early attempt at securing wireless networks but now there are better ways. WEP has 3 settings: off (no security), 64-bit (weak), and 128-bit […]

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Wireless Network Security

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering Fulton School of Engineering Arizona State University [email protected], [email protected] Abstract Wireless networking is inherently insecure. From jamming to eavesdropping, from man-inthe middle to spoofing, there are a variety of attack methods that can be used against the users of wireless networks. Modern wireless data networks use a variety of […]

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Kudler Fine Foods Risk Management

The internet has pervaded every aspect of business and Kudler Fine Foods has used it as a tool to further their goals. Wireless technology should be the next stepping stone for Kudler to use to advance in their field, and much like most new technologies the use of wirelessly connected devices can pose a number […]

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