East vs. West

And he was rich – yes, richer than a king – And admirably schooled in every grace; In fine we thought he was everything —————————————————— And Richard Cory, one calm summer night, Went home and put a bullet through his head. Richard Cory, by Edwin Arlington Robinson What is it about money that makes it […]

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West Side Story

In 1961, West Side Story, a filmed version of the hit Broadway musical that was inspired by William Shakespeares “Romeo and Juliet,” was released to viewers, who just could not resist the energy and excitement of the movie. Thirty-eight years later, viewers, like myself, still cannot resist it. I had never seen the film, which […]

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Ethical Issues in the Management of City of West Chiefland

For the city manager to pursue with the accusations regarding the commissioners, he would have to use the following tools: role diagnosis, rank responsibilities, threshold test, go/no go model, examine the decision-making checklist, whistleblower, stakeholder analysis, pursuing the public interest which revolve around democracy, mutuality, sustainability, and legacy, compliance and integrity, avoid doing harm, and […]

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Differences Of Management Styles Between The East And The West

Introduction In a wide spectrum of business culture types, it is possible to allocate two opposite poles – the Western and the Eastern business cultures. The Euro-American and West European business cultures present typical Western culture. The most typical Eastern business types are namely cultures of the countries of Asia and the East (Confucian Japan, […]

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Decline of the West

A) Summary Foreseeing the future of the west is unlimited, it’s upward and onward all the time toward the present ideals. Some phenomenon of history, strictly and defined as to form and duration that covers, a few centuries which can be viewed its essentials and can be calculated from available precedents. The transformation from Napoleonism to […]

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