Perkahwinan – The Malay word for marriage

I count myself privileged if I have the opportunity to attend a traditional Malay wedding. Having to fulfil the requirements of a traditional wedding, a lot of preparation needs to be done and the Muslim practices are needed to be followed. Given the broad diversity of ethnic groups from where I live, it stands to […]

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Weddings – 920 words – College Essay

As we all know marriages can change people’s lives in many ways, normally all for the good. However, weddings can also be a headache, all the rushing around and all that pressure to ensure that the most important day runs perfectly in recent weeks we completed a number of different pieces of drama based around […]

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How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget

Every woman wants to have the wedding of their dreams. Weddings can get to be very expensive with the rising costs of things. An average wedding could cost thousands of dollars for very few guests, and most women do not have the means to have such an extravagant event. But there are other ways to […]

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Operations Management Example #4

1. Formulate an operations strategy for your business. The popularity of destination weddings has grown so rapidly that it’s given rises to a whole new industry in of itself. Today entrepreneurs and existing companies are spotting the enormous opportunity in this hot trend and are finding ways to cash in on it. More and more […]

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Wedding Planning

I. Introduction a. Attention Getter: Ladies, imagine a day where you get to walk down the aisle in the biggest, whitest dress you could find to the prince charming you always dreamed of. Or guys, watching the woman of your dreams walk towards you ready to be your wife. b. Chances are all of the […]

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Mexican Wedding Ceremony

I was fifteen years old when I first saw a wedding ceremony in Mexico. All the people in the church were happy and animated. Everybody was sitting and waiting for the bride to arrive. The groom looked nervous and excited. Finally the bride arrived to the church, everybody was clapping and smiling to her; it […]

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White Wedding

Every baby girl grew up listening to fairy tales of a prince charming, coming and sweeping their princess off her feet, marrying her -Church bells ringing aloud in the background- wearing the perfect white gown and then living happily ever after in a palace. As we grow older, we realise that maybe, just maybe, life […]

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A Fantasy Fairy Tale Wedding Royalty and Romance

A Fantasy Fairy Tale Wedding Royalty and Romance: aren’t these at the heart of every union? It’s no wonder that the fairytale wedding also known as “Happily Ever After” or “Dreams Do Come True,” to name just two – never goes out of fashion. You have thought about it since you were a little girl. […]

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The Event in One of the Most Important Days in Life

I was restless the night before and filled with anticipation. The months of planning and preparation for one of the most important days of my life, had finally arrived. The day was humid and hot. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the grass was green. I could feel a light breeze. It […]

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Weddings in Pakistan

A Pakistani wedding is a traditional ceremony which rejoices on the wedlock of a bride and groom. It brings together the families of the bride and groom in the many occasions that take place. In Pakistan the wedding ceremony is of immense importance. Various cultures have distinct ways of celebrating the wedlock of two individuals […]

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