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The ‘Great Storm’

The so-called “Great Storm” was the worst to affect south-east England for 290 years. It began in the Bay of Biscay off the north coast of Spain. At first meteorologists thought it was a typical depression caused by contact between very warm air from Africa and cold air from the North Atlantic. However, at about […]

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The Storm

The still, calm earth waits patiently, anticipating a disaster. The whistling wind brews in a corner obliviously growing stronger and stronger. Distant houses brace themselves, waiting for the inevitable. The wind is becoming furious. Darkness spills over the land like blood on the floor. For a moment, there is quiet, the houses stand waiting in […]

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Tropical Cyclone

Is one of the most common natural hazards In Australia. lt‚was also called ‚-typhoon’s, ‚-hurrlcaneae, a‚-tropic storm’s and so on. If you look at the climatological data for tropical cyclone, you can find out that the actual shape of a tropical cyclone is almost the same as a whirlpool. How could this amazing phenomenon happen? […]

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Precipitation and Wind Flow

The distribution of precipitation in the global atmosphere is widely dependent on the dynamics of wind currents. The primary attributes in the creation of clusters of precipitation clouds are signified by the way wind patterns influence a certain region. For most of the time, the wind flow in a certain area serves as the transport […]

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