Minimum wage

Black Markets and Minimum Wage

This essay deals with the presentation of the issues in black markets and minimum wage’s economics, with a view to integrating both scholarly and Biblical resources therein. The author asserts a fluid and uncertain nature of the factors driving the decision making in these fields. Keywords: economics, markets, black market, minimum wage Black Markets and […]

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Livable Wages to American Citizens

Americans today are suffering from increases in rising prices in everything, yet the minimum wages take years for an increase. This is an injustice, especially to the underclass society. The government should implement a system to insure that all workers are paid “livable wages”. Livable wages are the amount of income needed for a family […]

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Why Do the Young Earn Less Than Other Workers

Before researching the question posed by this title it is important that I make perfectly clear, what my assumption are as to the meaning of the key words in the title of the investigation. For the purposes of my investigation I will assume “young people” to imply people between the ages of 14-18 as jobs […]

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First, in many areas there are tenacious social norms against women working outside the home. In Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, field investigators met women who said they had not been able to register and were told that this programme was “not for them”. The second big hurdle is the lack of child-care facilities. The Act […]

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Wage and Salary Administration

As money is the prime need for human beings to meet their basic needs, everyone tries to earn as much money as possible. A clerk earning less than a driver may have a vague grievance, but when he earns less than another clerk of comparable qualifications and experience he will show his unhappiness more bitterly. […]

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Do You Agree That If a Trade Union Persuades Employers to Increase Wage Rates

Trade unions can be very powerful organisations, however their power does not inevitably lead to increases in wage rates, but not always. The power that the union has can have a big impact upon whether or not it can affect the wage rates within that particular market. It largely depends upon the financial status of […]

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Globalization, Outsourcing, and Wage Inequality

America’s middle class is slowly dwindling away due to their current economic policies. Globalization is one of the economic processes that systematic intertwines the world’s economy. American boarders are being replaced by virtual walls globally, due to methods like outsourcing. Outsourcing is a practiced by contracting with international companies, to do jobs, and/or services that […]

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The Gilded Age

Despite the current economic situation that America faces today, there continue to be many people who have amassed millions, even billions of dollars. Many have likened this to the Gilded Age of the industrial revolution, where there were a few business owners who owned a massive amount of America’s wealth. However, many argue that there […]

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A Nickle and Dimed Play Critique

Now more than ever do I understand the phrase, “the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer. ” In the play the “Nickel and Dimed”, the author Barbara Ehrenreich writes about her experience as a member of the low-wage workforce that serves our meals, cleans our homes, and cares for our elderly. In her […]

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Minimum Wage

This essay will give an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the minimum wage. There are many different opinions about whether a national minimum wage is a good or a bad thing for our economy and people individually and by looking into various different resources and researching thoroughly, a conclusion will be drawn to […]

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