Voltaire and Swift

The public sphere led to the rise of the modern nation state and increased the capitalism. The new state in its consolidation of the public power brought to the private realm of the society that is nondependent on the state. The capitalism contributed immensely to the increase of the society’s powers and the same to […]

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Censor Voltaire

Dear Sirs Gabriel and Philibert Cramer, I am writing to let you know that I have decided to take the position you offered me. Forgive me for thinking so long on such a generous offer but you must understand leaving my comfortable position at LeClerq’s has not been an easy decision. What has helped me, […]

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Four Themes in Voltaire’s Candide

Candide (1759) is a satire written by the French philosopher Voltaire. Through its lampooning of important social institutions, personalities and conventions, Candide criticized various social ills such as the hypocrisy of religion and the corrupting power of money. Not surprisingly, it was included in the Roman Catholic Church’s Index of Forbidden Books and remained controversial […]

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Satire can be considered a device used in literature for the purpose of exposing what is thought to be silly or erroneous in real life situations. It is often done by writers to express disgruntled attitudes about contemporary occurrences. It can, however, be used to bring display the folly of persons and situations of all […]

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To plant the garden of your soul and care about it, make it beautiful, kind and bright. This wonderful principle first was expressed in the witty and excellent novel by not less excellent author Voltaire. The world we live in is hard , sometimes cruel and unstable. Each of us lives through many problems and […]

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