Volleyball The sport of volleyball was created by a man named William G. Morgan of Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1895. Morgan was a physical education teacher at the YMCA and called it “mintonette”. It was an indoor or outdoor pastime that had characteristics of both handball and tennis. The first rules were written down by Morgan […]

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Basic Skills In Volleyball

The game of Volleyball involves some basic skills that need to be mastered by the players in order to become competitive. These skills include attack, set, serve, pass, block and dig. There are specific techniques which are involved as a part of these basic skills. Acquiring these skills has been considered to be one of […]

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Standard Formations In Volleyball

There are three standard formations that are generally observed in the game of Volleyball. These formation patterns are ‘5-1’, ‘4-2’ and ‘6-2’. These formation patterns are actually indicative of the number of the hitters and setters respectively. The formation pattern that is used in most of the beginner games of Volleyball is ‘4-2’. However, in […]

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London Gets Ready for Beach Volleyball with a Test Event

London will host a women’s beach volleyball tournament at Horse Guards Parade as a test event for the London Olympics. Featuring 24 teams, the event is set to take place from August 9th to 14th. Although the Olympic capacity is set at 15,000, for the test event, a temporary arena will be set up to […]

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That Can Affect a Person’s Skill Development and Performance

In volleyball, there are many different influences that can affect a person’s skill development and performance. The transfer of skills and concepts, feedback and the Importance of practice are all influences that can affect you. The transfer of skills and concepts is where you are able to transfer one skill from a sport to another […]

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