Voice over Internet ProtocolVoIP

In the eyes of most, all packets are created equal. One of the most active areas of telecommunications today is in the area of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The logic behind this trend makes perfect sense. If we have invested heavily in an Internet Protocol (IP) network, why can’t we make full use of […]

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James Earl Jones: A Voice In The Crowd

James Earl Jones: A Voice in the Crowd March 19, 1996 People all around the world know the voice of James Earl Jones. From Star Wars fans listening to the voice of Darth Vader to news junkies who hear a voice that dramatically intones AThis is emailprotected just before all the cable network= s station […]

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The Voice of Non-State Actors

Policies are the guiding principles adapted by an individual, group of people, or governments. Policies can be divided into several groups according to their action period. Some policies are formulated for the short duration while others are designed for strategizing purposes for long-term use. Administering new order in developing nations is prone to massive challenges […]

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Voice and Dignity: Every Brain in the Game

Every organization, be it a company is composed of people of different gender, background and divergent opinion. Each person has a unique rational way of viewing situations. This makes running of an organization to be challenging as the different opinions has to be harmonized for such organization to be successful. However it is quite unfortunate […]

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The Special Voice of Women: An Understanding Garnered from the Poem She Had Horses by Joy Harjo

Women have a very distinctive approach in speech and self expression. Basically, it has been noted through studies that women are driven by their emotions, their feelings towards the situations that they are facing every day. Through the said researches and studies, women were noted to have a good sense of recognition when it comes […]

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A Voice and its uses

The primary function of the voice is to communicate. The tone of a voice can calm, excite, manipulate, deceive, or persuade listeners. A voice has the ability to express extreme feelings. These unconscious feelings can come out as sounds of mercy, lust, pain, bliss, and fear. A voice also has the ability to create a […]

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The passive and active voice

The passive and active voice when constructing a sentence is one of the most discussed topics in the English language. In order to understand this more carefully, I decided to watch season three of the TV series “Grey’s Anatomy”. I chose to observe the character of Addison Shepard and her usage of the passive and […]

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Seize the Power of Voice

The nature of a human being is feeling the freedom in their life. It is considered as one of those that humans need, with his continuous search for freedom. A long time ago, the women did not have freedom in the United States. They were not entitled to freedom of speech and their opinions were […]

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Human Voice and Personal History Wells

This is the site and owner of the information it is the woman who is the keeper of history. Not its outward shows of wars, Kings, famines and politics, but family lineages, the changing internal fabric of the village and the praise songs of children. A child returning home from afar would be greeted […]

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The Nature of Technical Writing

What is Technical Writing? Technical writing communicates specific and factual information to a defined audience for a defined purpose. The information is technical in nature, and this is what makes technical writing different from other types of writing. Broadly, that audience includes technical readers, managerial readers, or even, at times, general readers. The purpose is […]

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