Vodafone’s company

Vodafone is a company that provides an operating network for mobile phones. Vodafone Group Plc provides an extensive range of mobile telecommunications services, including voice and data communications, and is the world’s largest mobile telecommunications company. Vodafone now has a customer base of over 100 million, and it provides a service within 28 different countries. […]

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Prepare a typed solution of no more than six pages Use the questions below as a guide to your answer. The solution must be a recommendation, not a mechanical list of answers On the first page of your solution state: o the names and student numbers of your group members in alphabetical order o the […]

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Vodafone gets World Cup co-sponsorship

Mumbai: Telecom services provider Vodafone Essar Ltd has bought the co-sponsorship rights for the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup for nearly Rs45 crore, two media buyers said. The deal makes Vodafone, which also sponsors the annual Indian Premier League (IPL) Twenty20 cricket tournament, one of the biggest sponsors of India’s most popular sport this season—even […]

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Vodafone segments its target users by Income, Age, Service usage, Nature of customer, life of the service and geographical condition. Income Age: Vodafone segments its end users by segmenting them into “youth” and “adults”. It further categorizes these as college going kids, those that have just entered the corporate world and older adults. Service Usage: […]

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Vodafone Media Planning

Advertising is probably one of the most frequently used vehicles for Rebranding, as it is fairly easy, flexible and quick to change. It is a powerful way of reaching a broad or targeted audience quickly and is effective at signalling a change in positioning, however real or broad that may be. There are many examples […]

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