Snapple: Made From the Best Stuff in Vietnam

Snapple teas and fruit drinks are a great substitute to sugary, unhealthy drinks. Snapple offers a variety of beverages that are packaged in convenient, single-serving bottles that are great for the mobile, busy consumer. As Snapple is attempting to cross international boundaries, Vietnam’s beverage market is the next challenge for this progressive company. With the […]

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Social and Cultural Continuity and Change

Vietnam is a country of evolutionary change that has redefined the Vietnamese culture yet it also upholds traditional values and beliefs that have sustained an established way of life. The family unit is the foundation of Vietnamese society and culture and has been for thousands of years, it’s prominence in the culture has been preserved […]

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The tactics and strategies employed by the Viet Cong

The tactics and strategies employed by the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army, and the US and Australian Armed forces, were to become the prime determinants of the outcome of the conflict. Despite America’s abundant resources and advanced technology, their various tactics such as ‘search and destroy’, Operation Rolling Thunder, defoliation, air attacks, the […]

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Why the United States became involved in the war in Vietnam

The Vietnam War officially started in 1965 when America sent troops into South Vietnam in order to help them fight the North. Before the war even started America brewed hatred toward communism and feared it would spread. The US believed that by helping the South Vietnamese government resist the attacks of the communist North they […]

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Ideological crusade against communism

The growing involvement of the US in Vietnam in the years 1950-1968 can be seen as an ideological crusade against communism for various reasons. The main reason being the quagmire theory which increased involvement for presidents and got them further into the ‘mud’. Stalemate was also an important factor as it rejected any thought of […]

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Vietnam War Analysis

Vietnamn was the first television war,for the first time images of death, fighting, comradeship and war were portrayed across screen to millions of people watching at home. These images would have greatly effected the views on the war for many people, many believed television was the most important factor as do I. The fact that […]

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Vietnam – Why did the USA withdraw it’s troops in 1973

Vietnam has not always been a united country. In 1954 it was divided between North and South. U. S involvement, as far as troops were concerned, lasted from 1964 until 1973. The reasons why the U. S became involved were that, the war was a civil war between communist North Vietnam, which was supported by […]

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Truong Van Cam

Truong Van Cam, later known as Nam Cam, grew up in a poor family in the former Saigon. When Truong was fifteen years old, he was arrested for stabbing a man to death in a fight and spent more than two years in jail. He enlisted in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam after […]

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Conflict Theory in Vietnam

The history of Vietnam is one of great struggle and conflict. For centuries the vietnamese people have had no choice but to change their society by force in order to gain their own freedom and independence. Pivitol events in Vietnamese history such as the Battle of Bach Dang in 939 and the Battle of Dien […]

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Cao Dai revised

Cao Dai, founded in Vietnam in 1926, brings together Confucianism, Catholicism and the Buddhist belief in karma and rebirth. Inherently, its belief and practices represent a conglomeration of these three. Cao Dai practice is basically divided in to two ways: exoterism and esoterism. Exoterism Basically, Cao Dai disciples has a duty towards himself, his family, […]

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Skin and Natural Beauty

All’s Fair in Vietnam 1. What is your opinion about the topic that has been discussed in this short story? In my opinion about the topics that has been discussed in this short story is the stories that tell us about people in Vietnam are obsessed with beauty. It has been founded when she came […]

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Unilever Strategy

Unilever is an Anglo-Dutch multi-national corporation, one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast moving consumer goods in branded home & personal care and food categories, operating in over 150 countries. In 2012, Unilever added nearly €5 billion of turnover, pushing through the €50 billion mark in the process. With more than 400 brands focused […]

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