The Four Forces of Evolution and Variation

Evolution refers to change over time in the genetic composition of natural populations. Natural selection plays a vital role in adding adaptation, accumulation and preservation to the new desired genetic states. The accumulation of small but observable micro evolutionary changes necessary for the development of new species occurs over a long period of time (Haviland, […]

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Genetic Variation

The human biology and diseases have been learned after the discovery of DNA structure, but it has not reveled much. This is due to the inability of determination of its relation to nature and the underlying causes of diseases. The DNA is icon of breeding and definition of genetics as it provides the explanation of […]

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Define order

Common cause variation can be defined as the fluctuation which is caused by factors which are not known, thus resulting to a steady random output distribution around the average data. This type of variation defines the potential of processes or how the process can perform well after eliminating the special cause variation. Common cause variation […]

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