Whooping Cough

Every year or season a slightly different flu strain awakens, infecting our human population. This fall it’s the whooping cough, also called pertussis. It is causing many deaths, especially in infants. Many health officials have grown concerned with this unexpected new threat, mainly because the babies are too young to be fully immunized by the […]

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Age of American Unreason Critical Thinking Analysis

Quote from The Age of American Unreason, page 219-220: “The first and most fundamental warning sign [of junk thought] is an inability to distinguish between coincidence and causation—a basic requirement for scientific literacy. ” “During the past twenty-five years, there appears to have been a significant increase in the incidence of autism in children around […]

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Persuasive Paper on Mandating Vaccination

I believe that state mandated administration of childhood vaccinations is justified for the following reasons; First and foremost, mandating vaccinations in children provides the opportunity to eliminate certain illnesses. Second, mandating vaccinations lowers the risk in the illness spreading and multiplying. And third, vaccinations could be used to collect money which could then be used […]

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