Business Communication Using Visual Aids

“A flow chart is a step-by-step diagram of a procedure or a graphic depiction of a system or organization” (Lehman, 2007). Flow charts provide a good form of communicating business objectives through provision of various applicable business formats. This especially entails the explanation of business entities that are essentially given in a stepwise format. The […]

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Remote Assistance Using Control-F1

Abstract Remote assistance has become increasingly important for computer and computer-based companies to provide technical eSupport to their clients in real time and with absolute levels of efficiency. One such remote assistance product is the excellent Control-F1 from Blueloop whose support automation solutions help companies to decrease their support costs, increase profitability, enhance customer satisfaction […]

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Using Water

Water is seen to be the cause of serious conflicts among nations. Although water is significant in human living, it has contributed to violent wars, where it has led to the confusion to know the relationship between water and security. In history, many conflicts occurred due to use of water as the weapon. Many people […]

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Disaster Management Using Supply Chain

The term “disaster management” may have different meanings in the business and social world. However, in this report, the term is used in the meaning that is centered on the analysis of ideas and elements that are involved in supply chain practice and the way that disaster management may be implemented in the supply chain […]

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Object-Based Image Analysis Using Multiscale Connectivity.’

Summary on ‘Object-Based Image Analysis Using Multiscale Connectivity. ’ This paper precedes a way for image analysis based on the concept of multiscale connectivity. The authors have suggested an approach to design several tools for object-based image representation and analysis, which attain the connectivity structure of images in a multiscale fashion. More specifically, they have […]

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Purchasing Pattern of Consumers Using Internet

These benefits of internet are used by marketers for reaching their target audience and making a bigger impact. Thus, the marketing technique used here is Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is the marketing through the use of digital devices such as Computers, laptops, Mobiles, Tablets, Digital Billboards, Gaming Consoles, etc. The major objective being the engagement […]

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List of On- and Off-Campus Housing Options in Lille

Securing housing before leaving will also contribute to help you enjoy the Orientation Seminar and your first classes without stress. You will find a few hints regarding housing in this document, such as: 0 Please avoid arriving in Lie on a Sunday as agencies and landlords are not available. Some agencies are also closed on […]

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Using Social Media Marketing Techniques

The Three Witches Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom Dear Witches, I am writing to explain what I hope your online presence will consist of. In order to make yourselves and your business know in the community I want to create two online profiles on popular social media websites including Twitter and Faceable. The aim for the […]

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A Sensory Eveluation of Fishball Using Freshwater Fish

Fishtails are common snack item or cocktail in our community. It is the favorite food among many people particularly the children and teenagers. This food item is very easy to make and it only needs a few ingredients. Further, this product could be stored for a long time and Just fried before consumption. However, it […]

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Low Income Housing

Low Income Housing BY Mammary Low Income Housing Community Low income housing is a unique geopolitical and phenomenological community that is within identified boundaries and a governing system that share common goals and interests. Within this type of community people may have barriers and challenges that they are facing every day to live comfortably in […]

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