Urban Public Place

Urban public place is an important aspect of any urban planning procedure. Urban planning is a technical process of designing of any urban environment, and it is the most important feature of any orderly development of both the settlements as well as the development of any type of communities living in an urban surrounding. It […]

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Urban Gangs

The existence of gangs in the United States of America is believed to start after the Mexican revolution in 1813. Initially, the gangs began with small member groupings which got used to hanging out and partying together. However, in the 1950s this trend changed. The activities of the gangs began evolving with each passing time. […]

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Hotel Purbani International

Contents of the Term Paper: C] Background of the company and the brand 0 Different communication used by the company and the brand C] Problem Definition o Marketing Research Marketing communication planning process: Context analysis Communication objectives Marketing communications strategy Communications mix [tools and media] Scheduling and Implementation Evaluation and Control Integration of all the […]

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Urban Sprawl Development, Aligarh

Urban planning evolved throughout the twentieth century, leading to a great variety of urban forms which often had little regard for their impact upon the environment. In the ‘developed world’ this disregard is most evident in the rise of ‘urban sprawl’ as the primary form of urban development, Which has come under increased criticism in […]

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Rural-Urban Disparity

This study examines differences in educational attainment between rural and monaural youth, using data from the National Educational Longitudinal Study. Given preexisting differences in family and student backgrounds between rural and metro areas, a series of statistical models including propensity sore matching methods are used to address selection bias in the estimates of the effects […]

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Urban Injustice

How Ghettos Happen by Dry. David Hellfire is an intriguing novel about the existence of the poor in the post-1996 world where welfare reform was emphasized. Dry. Hellfire’s unique background allows a diverse look at the major obstacles leading to the propagation of the ghetto. Through Dry. Hellfire’s structural construct one can understand these reasons […]

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Disturbances in Water Uptakes, Growth

International Journal of Water Resources and Arid Environments 2(1): 31-35, 2012 SINS 2079-7079 SHIPS, 2012 Disturbances in Water Uptakes, Growth and Physiological Attributes of Chili (Capsicum annual. ) by Nassau Salinity Sundaes Short, Hafiz Iberia Ninja, Amah Romano, Fatima Share Daly and Ass Nanas University of Gujarat, Gujarat, Pakistan Abstract: The present research was carried […]

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Urban transport in Indian cities

Urban Transport in Indian Cities A peak of rush hour commuters at Churchgoer, a terminus for one of Mamba’s main suburban train lines contributing to the nearly 6. 5 million people feeding in and out of the city daily. Urban travel in Indian cities predominantly happens through walking, cycling and public transport, including intermediate public […]

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How Did Slavery Sustain the Agrarian Economy, Urbanization, Trade and Colonization in Classical Greece?

At the outset of this answer one important generalization should be made which is that, at all times and in all places the Greek world relied on some form (or forms) of dependent labor to meet its ends, both public and private. This means that dependent labor was essential, in a significant measure, if the […]

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Urban Marketing

URBAN MARKETING AND ITS IMPACT OVER THE COMPETITION BETWEEN CITIES Lecturer PhD Lidia Elena ALEXA “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi Abstract: In the globalization era, characterized by profound political and economical reforms of which main objective is the increased competitiveness, whether we talk about goods, companies, cities or countries, the proactive attitude and the […]

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