Beowulfs Universal Appeal1

There are archetypal patterns in life. They reoccur and become familiar to people through all ages and ethnicities. Throughout history, few literary works have captivated audiences by incorporating these patterns. The epic Beowulf is one literary work that effectively incorporates timeless components. The epic poem relates the tale of Beowulf, a warrior who throughout his […]

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Pretender to Universalism: Western Culture in the Globalising Age

Professor  Ali Mazrui in his lecture entitled “Pretender to Universalism: Western Culture in the Globalising Age”, delivered in London, England, on June15, 2000 underscores the inevitable duty of world powers, in particular, the United States, in view of the world-wide influence of its culture and the universal impact that its values and lifestyle have on […]

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Advertisement as a persuasive tool

Whenever we speak of the central purpose of advertising, we must acknowledge before anything else that an advertisement is created for the sole purpose of selling an idea. No matter where the idea may come from if it does not draw in an audience, if it does not appeal to the viewer on some primal, […]

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