School Uniforms in the USA

I. Introduction A. The Idea of Identity The idea of identity is one of the most compelling concepts psychology and the humanities. It is in fact closely tied with the concept of individuality, which in turn drives the desire to be one’s own person with one’s own individuality. History shows that the youth throughout the […]

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Making School Uniforms Mandatory

In the school setting, there are a lot of issues that are under debate. One of these is wearing school uniforms. Some would oppose to the idea of uniform being mandatory, for the reason that it is related to neither academic nor their personal lives. A number of reasons have been cited as to why […]

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School Uniform Recommendation

One of the most distinctive characteristics that separate an individual from the others is the way one expresses himself. Majority of students today aver that wearing a school uniform is an invasion to their individual liberty to choose what they want to wear to school. Moreover, forcing them to wear a school uniform takes away […]

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School Uniform: Good Tradition or Outdated Habit

School uniforms have been used for more than a century now in the private schools of the United States. In 1987, California school officials began mandating the use of school uniforms in their public schools as a way of preventing gang-related violence (Education Bug). The subsequent debate increased when the school uniform idea was introduced […]

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School Uniforms: Yes or No

Are school uniforms a useful policy for public schools? Continued controversy, as well as questions of Constitutional freedoms, cultural and ethnic biases, and rights of free-expression continue to stoke the debate over the adoption of mandatory dress codes in public schools, more precisely: the mandatory wearing of specific school uniforms. For one faction, “School dress […]

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