Unemployment in Toledo

Unemployment is defined as the situation whereby an individual is willing and has the capability to work, but there is no available work opportunity for the individuals (Layard & Nickell, 2005). The situation or status of unemployment is experienced in various ways such as: cyclical, geographical, structural, casual, real wage, and frictional unemployment. Real wage […]

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Unemployment Connection with Drug Use and Alcoholism

Introduction The paper is focused on the discussion of the impact of alcohol and drug misuse on the chances of employment and unemployment, as well as vice versa, the impact of unemployment on drug or / and alcohol addiction and anti-addiction treatment. The paper also considers connection between unemployment rate, business cycles and substance use. […]

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Unemployment and How to Solve It

Unemployment refers to an economic indicator of the extent and condition of joblessness in an economy. Its measurement is based on the unemployment rate, which is calculated by diving the number of unemployed people by the total labor force. Therefore, unemployment is a state of not having a job. It is a key indicator of […]

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Unemployment is due to real wages being to high

There are four possible relationships between real wages (RW) and unemployment (U): Firstly, U can be caused by high RW (the “classical” case), secondly high RW can be just a symptom of U rather than its cause, thirdly RW can be simply irrelevant to U and, finally, higher RW may even be a solution or, […]

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Unemployment In The Eu Since 1999

In 1999 a new single currency was introduced into the Euro zone, an area compromising initially of 11 countries, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain (Greece joined in 2001 and Slovenia joined the Euro zone on 1 January 2007). Under such an agreement it was necessary for the […]

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Unemployment Report

Unemployment is defined as people who are registered as able, available and willing to work at the going wage rate in a suitable job but who cannot find paid employment despite being actively involved in search for work. Unemployment falls when people leave the jobless register (they either find work or leave the labor market) […]

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Assess the main causes of unemployment

Unemployment is described as someone who has been in previous employment but he/she has lost their job due to various factors, which will be assessed within this essay. Unemployment is not to be confused with workless households – a workless household is one where all occupants choose not to work or physically can’t work because […]

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Ageing And Youth Unemployment

“Unemployment refers to the condition of being unemployed, or to the number or proportion of people in the working population who are unemployed.” 1There are different types of unemployment, which includes frictional, structural, regional and cyclical unemployment. Frictional unemployment, the main type of unemployment is when people are between jobs. I am going to discuss […]

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The Ghost of Unemployment in Egypt

Unemployment in is a danger that is threatening all countries economies. Furthermore, unemployment is the reason of many problems as the increase in the rates of poverty and the increase in crime rates in the world. Unemployment problem is a problem that is threatening every working person. “In Britain as elsewhere, policy debate has been […]

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The rise in youth unemployment is a significant problem for the UK

The term ‘youth unemployment’ covers those aged 15-24, and it is normally regarded as a rather important issue for many governments. All those aged 25 or above are considered adult in this case. 2009 was a difficult year, especially for the classes of 2009, because after leaving school or university, they all want to kick […]

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