The Darkest Years in Ukrainian History

The early 1930s represent some of the darkest years in Ukrainian history and was highlighted by a famine, that from 1932-1933, claimed the lives of up to six million Ukrainians. While it is counterproductive to declare that the sheer scale of devastation of the famine is greater than other massive twentieth century losses of human […]

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Orange Revolution in Ukraine

The Orange Revolution was the first revolution that ever happened in Ukraine, becoming an independent country. The Orange Revolution was a campaign of protests, meetings, pickets, strikes and other actions of civil disobedience; it was organized and led by Victor Yushchenko’s supporters. Victor Yushchenko was a major candidate of the opposition during the presidential elections […]

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Dance in Ukrainian Culture

Proud and warlike – is the essence of Ukrainian dance, a product of a country with an ever changing political environment. Dance is a visual history that reflects the political environment, and the country as a whole. “Man, through dance, communicates to the onlooker his national character, lifestyle, religious beliefs, and the effect that historical […]

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