Resume of twelfth night

Twelfth Night was the festival held on the night of the 5th January (12th night after Christmas), and the night before the Epiphany, the time the Three Wise Men visited Jesus. This gives rise to its French name, “La Nuit Des Rois”. In medieval and Tudor times, this festival was by tradition very rowdy (it […]

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Mistaken identities and misunderstanding within Twelfth Night

Much of the Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ focuses on misconceptions and the way disguises cause the root of misunderstandings in which mistaken identities arise, a fortuitous device for complicating action. Critic John Hollander described the play to be a ‘ritualized Twelfth Night festivity in itself’ . The comedic aspect is all due to the privileged position […]

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Love in Twelfth Night

The love in Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night is a mixture of miscellaneous emotions some of them derived from the events in the plot pf the play and others are caused by the nature of the characters and their inner worlds. This different compound of feelings such as desire, affection, madness and disguise naturally present such […]

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Twelfth night-mistaken identity

William Shakespeare, in his well-known comic play, Twelfth Night, creates a plot that revolves around mistaken identity and deception. Mistaken identity, along with disguises, affects the lives of several of the characters. Shakespeare’s techniques involve mistaken identity to bring comedy, mystery, and complication to the play. Some characters in this play turn to disguise in […]

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