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Entourage: A Modern Portrait of Class, Gender, and Society

The TV show “Entourage,” produced by HBO, shows the life of four friends who are catapulted into fame and fortune following the success of Vincent Chase. From the alleys of New York, they find themselves in a lifestyle filled with cars and women. The story recalls the challenges and successes of these four comrades, plus […]

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The Comparison of Two Situation Comedies

The television shows the writer has chosen to study are Friends and the Big Bang Theory. Each of these shows is a situation comedy otherwise known as a sitcom for short. Currently, the timeslot each show was/is aired at 8pm at night on Channel Nine. Reruns of the show Friends are now shown on Gem […]

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The Gap Between Rich and Poor

Wife Swap is an American TV show in which two mothers/wives from completely different social classes or lifestyles switch houses and families for two weeks. The show is a way of revealing the diversity of American values and lifestyles and sometimes it may be a shock to cope with people who differ culturally and socially. […]

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