Philip Morris enters Turkey

Despite increasing social and regulatory constraints on smoking, economic liberalization, reduced state barriers and the break-up of state monopolies have created significant new trading potential. Legislation has focused marketing strategies more on the point of sale, while mega-mergers have consolidated the global industry to an unprecedented degree. In many developing countries the number of smokers […]

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Competition, Enterprise and Industry in Turkey

The Republic of Turkey is a Eurasian country which has become highly integrated with the West. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Mustafa Kemal Ataterk’s leadership triggered a very rapid modernization which resulted in the present status of Turkey, and today Turkey is considered to be a developed country with growing economy. Since the […]

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Revolution In Turkey

A revolution is a significant event that occurs within a short time-span . There have been many revolutions in the history of mankind; and these have had a wide area of involvement from politics and national heritage, science and technology, arts, culture and also industrial. These revolutions have added vigor to our interactions, in recent […]

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Exciting Trip to Turkey

I 2007 my husband and I visited Turkey. It was amazing ! The best trip I’ve been to. I mean the country rules the people are so nice and the weather is wonderful. You cannot help falling in love with Turkey. So I will try to tell you about my trip. Our trip started with visited […]

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Policy Analysis of Direct Foreign Investment in Turkey

Modern Turkey was founded in 1923 after the defeat Ottoman Empire. Later during the one party rule led by the national hero Mustafa Kemal called ‘father of Turks’ till 1950, the country went through wide ranging social, legal, and political reforms. In 1950 elections, opposition Democratic Party came to power and political parties have multiplied […]

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Khilafat Movement

In the First World War Turkey participated with Germany and Australia against England, France, Russia and America. At that time the head of mumalkit was called Khalifa. Khilafat institution was very secret and important for Muslims. When they realized that the defeat of Turkey is clear then in subcontinent depression spread all-around. They felt that […]

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Izmir International Fair (Turkey)

Inside: İzmir International Fair will allow us to become familiar with the oldest tradeshow in Turkey, considered the cradle of Turkey’s fairs and expositions industry. This study will show the way the Fair works from the inside, will analyze and show the history of the fair and the city where it takes place, İzmir and […]

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Countries have been known for their extraordinary location, and the numerous attractions that draw tourists from the different parts of the world. Turkey is one of those few countries rich with such culture. The natural scenario found in Turkey would leave people in awe after bearing witness to such experience. Turkey may seem ordinary to […]

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Unemployment in Turkey

One of the most important problems of Turkey is unemployment. Among all the countries around the world, Turkey is 5th in the issue of unemployement. In Turkey, to be regarded as an unemployed, the person should have enough qualities to work and he/she can not find a job after looking foa a job at least […]

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Reading books Is better than watching TV

Religious holidays in Turkey There are two religious holidays or feasts, the first is Seker Bayrami (3 days) which comes immediately after 30 days of fasting in the Ramadan and the second is Kurban Bayrami (4 days) which follows 70 days after Seker Bayrami. In Turkish, Bayram is “feast” or “holiday”, seker is “sweets” and […]

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