Secret and Half Secret Trusts

The primary purpose of the Will is to accommodate the last wishes of a testator with respect to the distribution of his or her property in a manner that is formal, public and verifiable in writing. Section 9 of the Wills Act 1837 as subsequently amended indorses this concept by providing for a Will be […]

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Three Types of Trust

Trust is a positive expectation that another will not – through words, actions, or decisions – act opportunistically. The two most important elements of the definition are that it implies familiarity and risk. Five key dimension of trust Integrity –It refers to honesty, conscientiousness and truthfulness. This one seems to be most critical when someone […]

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Betrayal from All Sides in Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko

Trust is the basis of all human collaboration; without it, our world wouldn’t exist as we know it. Infants start learning to trust as soon as they open their eyes. Children develop based on their environment and are sometimes programmed to trusting everyone around them. This often occurs when children spend a lot of time […]

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Decline of trust empathy and civic engagement in the United States

The general purpose of this research is to demonstrate the need for strengthening the role of civic and community commitments in the civic engagement process by instilling a sense of trust, empathy and a sense of participation. All these are due to the incompetence of the government. The public response to the September 11 suggested […]

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Friendship and Trust

Trust is the very first thing everybody in this world desires, or at least should desire from one another. Trust is really not easy to learn. It is not given to others but rather it is earned. It is not something that is as simple as believing. Instead, it involves your believing in each other, […]

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