The Education of Little Tree

The Education of the Little Tree is a novel written by Asa Earl Carter who used the pseudonym Forest Carter. The novel was published in 1976 by Delacorte Press. It belongs to the fictional genre and passes the message of traditional life and attachment to nature. The novel comprises of 21 chapters and 216 pages. […]

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Baobab – African Tree of Life

The name “Tree of life” was formed because of Baobab’s many uses medicinally, almost every part of it, was used for healing purposes. In traditional African medicine, baobab fruit is used for treating inflammation, fevers, asthma, gastric complaints, malaria, haemoptysis, smallpox and as a general health tonic, particularly in children, pregnant women and the elderly […]

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The Tree

1) My imaginary tree stands seventy five feet tall.  It has a bare trunk of smooth purple silk.  Four feet high, just high enough to grab and swing, is the lowest of the branches.  They are firm and strong.  They could hold a horse.  They do not bend with weight.  They can be climbed like […]

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