Physiological Adaptations to Exercise

The aim of physical training is to systematically stress the body so it can improve its capacity to exercise. Physical training is beneficial only if it forces the body to adapt to the stress of the physical effort. If the stress is not sufficient to overload the body then no physical adaptation occurs, Brookfield J, […]

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What is U-shaped learning

U-shaped-learning concerns the development of distinguishing the application of the inflectional past-tense morpheme of -ed to regular and irregular words – those which require an -ed (e. g. ‘waste’ –> ‘wasted’) and those which are expressed with a completely different word (e. g. ‘run’ –> ‘ran’), respectively. It is the learning pattern of initial overregularisation […]

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Job Training

This is the first day of our On the Job Training as a requirement of our Financial Management Program. Everybody has been excited because this is what we are waiting for, to apply our knowledge in real life situation for us to become a successful and employed individual someday. On-the-job training (OJT) is one of […]

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Selection and Training for Overseas Assignments

As the firms become more international, the need for better HRM techniques increases. International HRM manager must learn the values that native population respects and cherishes, developing an awareness of these differences and finding the right mix of managers and employees to run MNC (Thakur, 1997; Edwards, 1998). This is one of the focuses of […]

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Roles of Internet in Globalization of Business

New advanced forms of communication have been opened by the internet and other related technologies (Anon, 1998). This has reduced the cost of many kinds of business interactions as well as bringing firms and consumers around the globe into a closer proximity than never before (Anon, 1998). Additionally many obstacles to efficient market performance have […]

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Sports as a Carrer Option in India

Days and years have passed where one considered sports as just a recreation activity or hobby. In the present scenario, sports industry has emerged as one of the most lucrative options in India as well as outside. The sports industry is so vast than one could imagine, with a plethora of opportunities. It encompasses not […]

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